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Seven Signs Minus One

1,255 Downloads 103 Thanks  Thanks 21 Favourited 16,582 Views
Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2013 at 12:04 AM

Technical and Other Relevant Info
You can find Seven Signs Minus One in the Decor -> Miscellaneous section of the Buy Catalog.

Price: 300
Channels: 2
Environment Score: 0
Cloned from the Ambitions hanging signs

No expansion or stuff packs are needed. The mesh was built and play tested for several sim days on a game fully patched to 1.55 with all expansions. It might work on other patch levels, but there is no guarantee (and no way for me to test, either). :p

I love thanks and welcome comments, and of course, please report any problems you have here in this thread and I’ll send someone who can count properly to solve the problem.

Tools Used:
S3PE, TSRW, Sims3Pack Multi Installer, Photoshop CS6

CC Credits:
The red brick building featured in one of the pics is by me...I’ll prolly upload it, eventually.

Polygon Counts:
High Polys: 147
Low Polys: 137

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Delphy, Inge & Peter Jones, Armiel for Builder’s Island