Wally The Tragic Clown! (Sim)

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Uploaded: 18th Sep 2013 at 6:46 PM
Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls put your hands together for... WALLY THE TRAGIC CLOWN!.....*crickets*

Remember Sunny The Tragic Clown from The Sims 1? Well this guy isn't him.. but he's not far off! This is Wally, a former circus clown who loved making people laugh. Life was great, until his wife left him for the Strongman. From then on it was all down hill for poor Wally.. he turned to alcohol to numb his pain but being drunk every day eventually got him fired from the circus. Now Wally is homeless, living wherever he can and working lowly birthday parties to get by! Will you be the one to give this wayward sim a new home in your game? He's harmless really, he just smells bad and doesn't wash his clothes either...and he may get drunk on the job, but other than that he's fabulous!

This sim is inspired by both Sunny from the original Sims and Bink13y's Trashy here on MTS.

Everything should be basegame compatible, the outfit is an edit of Psychosim's spy suit which is a Maxis mesh recolor.

Policy: Do whatever you'd like with this sim and his content but please do not upload to other sites. Do not claim as your own work. Have fun!

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