Lower Town Long Houses - White Stone City

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While the Lords and Kings, Princes and Servants, the Rich and the Educated enjoy the clean and bright security of the Upper Town of the White stone city, the denizens of Lower Town are not so fortunate.

Their's is the poorest district of Camelot. The ones closest to the water. Closest to the walls. First to flood, first to bear the brunt of any attack. Last to reach the safety of the citadel in times of strife, if they make it there at all before the gates are closed!

Inspired by the scenes of 'Lower Town' from the BBC TV Series Merlin and the archaeological remains and artistic impressions of Viking York (England).

As such, these houses all follow a similar layout.

They all have a long fenced yard, at the end of which is the 'bathroom' (fenced in area with a hole in the ground - I've been nice, I've given you a chamber pot!)

All water supplies, washing, bathing and storage of non-perishables would happen in the 'yard'. Living quarters would be in one room or possibly two if the family could afford to extend upwards, or have the room to extend sideways. Privacy was a luxury the inhabitants of these houses could ill afford. Doors were also rare, an expensive waste of wood. Because EA demands a 'Door' as the main entrance to the house, these lots have front doors, but all other doors are arches.

The only exception to this is the Smithy. As likely the only educated person in the community and the only one to own his property, the Blacksmith stood in an elevated position compared to his neighbours, and his property would reflect that.

The smithy has floorboards, a separate stone built core building, a larger yard and both internal and external doors.

::Custom Content Recommended::

All custom content is really for aesthetic purposes only. Other than the door, all structural and external aesthetic elements are from the game and these downloads are purely "deco".

Simple Wood Door by Lisen
The Medieval Kitchen Part 1 by Hekate999
Budget Bathroom by Lisen
Medieval Armoury Part 1 & 2 by Hekate999 (Smithy Only)
Stackable Crates by SeeMyu
Deco Market Stalls by Hekate999
Medieval Blacksmith's Deco Objects and Forge by The Merrye Makers (Smithy Only)
Smithy Set by QingshuangTongzi (This site is in Chinese)

::Custom Content Included::
(All lots excluding smithy)

Long House Dirt Floor Pattern by Me.

::Lot Sizes::
These lots use custom lot sizes. They can either be placed on larger lots, or use a mod like Awesomemod to create custom sizes.

Lower Town - Long House - 30 x 6
Lower Town - 2 Floor Long House - 30 x 6
Lower Town - Long House (wide) - 30 x 12
Lower Town - Smithy - 30 x 15

::Lot Values::

Lower Town - Long House (Furnished) : 12,367
Lower Town - Long House (Unfurnished) : 8,771

Lower Town - 2 Floor Long House (Furnished) : 17,320
Lower Town - 2 Floor Long House (Unfurnished) : 12,794

Lower Town - Long House (wide) (Furnished) : 18,736
Lower Town - Long House (wide) (Unfurnished): 13,495

Lower Town - Smithy (Furnished) : 28,913
Lower Town - Smithy (Unfurnished) : 18,396


Obviously thank you to the creators of all the custom content and to the staff, curators and guides at the Yorvick Viking Centre for an inspirational day which spawned these lots. If you haven't been, and you have the chance, go. Its just a little bit ace.

Lot Size: 1x3
Lot Price: 8,771 - 28,913

Custom Content by Me:
- Long House Dirt Pattern