Hello Sweetie--Fairy Hair Deflowered, for toddlers through elders

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2013 at 4:11 PM
So when I first got the Supernatural EP, I was particularly excited about the long straight hair I saw on the cover. What a pretty mesh! How versatile! I knew lots of sims who could wear it. One of my little sim girls, in particular, was all but made for that hair.

Then I got into the game, and realized that not only was the hair not available for children, but it had flowers plastered in it! And you couldn't take them off! ... which is great for a fairy and completely unusable for the other, oh, 99.9% percent of the Sims I play with. So I said, "Someone oughtta do something about this!" And after waiting for someone to do something about it, I realized that maybe I should do something about it. So after I stopped whining and looked at some hair meshing tutorials, which was probably my second mistake, I started this project. And scrapped it. And started again. And scrapped. And whined. And started again. And after a whole lot of head-desking and frustration, I was finally able to do something about it!

As I have explained before, I'm no texture artist, and since this was my first hair project for Sims ... ever, I pretty much made progress by doing things wrongly. I was, however, able to learn enough to change the original texture of the hair slightly so that it is more "solid" and less wispy, as well as making the tips more visible all over the mesh. The hair will look very shiny, almost plastic, in CAS; it will look fine in-game.

The most substantial change was making this style available for children and toddlers. I made a special effort to be sure that the hair bones were properly set for your little ones, so you won't have to deal with "seesaw" hair or a pointy, stabby mesh. The front tendrils "hang" a little on a crawling toddler, for a bit of realism. I have noticed a bit of clipping in the back due to the three-layered ends, but it's minimal, and not a continuous issue.

This hair is cloned from base game hair, so you do not need the Supernatural EP to use it. You will need to be patched to least patch no. 1.55.

Hair is valid for maternity, townies, career, martial arts, and nude sims.

Very High Level of Detail (LOD0): 2929

~ splad