Poaching Career for Adults!

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Uploaded: 18th Oct 2013 at 8:49 PM
Updated: 5th Dec 2013 at 7:46 PM - Poaching career now realistically linked to the Biology major. Thank you, Phaenoh! And leefish, for getting the issue fixed. ^^
Update: Using Phaenoh's custom career to major linking tutorial (credited in credits), I was able to realistically link the Poaching career to the Biology major. When you read the chance cards, you'll find out why.

So if you are sick of having Political Science and History majors get a boost to a completely unrelated career, please redownload this mod, since it is finally up! Yay, ty mods!

Basic Information:
  • Must have at least University for the Career Reward.
  • Biology major is now linked to the Poaching career. Please redownload.
  • This career is finally EP compatible! (Tested up to Seasons)
  • All ten levels have chance cards and the watcher of the sim with this career will also learn a few things about real life poaching/hunting.
  • Main Skill Set: Mechanical, Logic and Creativity.
  • Career Reward: Cow Plant (Found under the Natural Scientist career reward slot.)
  • No Teen or Elder version, just for Adults.
  • The career outfits and cars aren't customs, they are basic Maxis defaults.
  • This career was based off the Military Adult career track and is NOT an overwrite.
  • Descriptions for both jobs and chance cards have been checked with the Chance Card Tester.
  • The career is mostly realistic, but since this is set in the Sims and the oceans are relatively unknown,
    poaching sims will encounter the extraordinary and supernatural very, very rarely.
  • The wages get higher on the high tier, but this is to show that poachers are motivated by greed and/or desperation.
  • Yes, the Trading Post Owner is the most profitable level (level 9), but it's the seller that will naturally earn more money than the guy who actually farms/hunts/steals it.

Here are the Job Descriptions:

1. Street Vendor - §140 - Th, F, Sa, Su
You're standing on a curb at the heart of Downtown, selling puppies weaned too early from their mothers, malnourished baby bunnies in cramped cages and turtles that are too small to be pets (salmonella risk) from §100 to §20 to passerby and shoppers. Just remember: No pictures are allowed.
2. Wildlife Reserve Poacher - §200 - All days of the week
You have now resorted to trespassing on protected grounds to illegaly hunt game. Your customers include impoverished folk who need to eat something besides lunch meat sandwiches and Eastern apothecaries who pay well for animal parts useful for traditional medicine. If you're lucky, you might find a legitimate job.
3. Animal Control Worker - §425 - W, Th, F, Sa, Su
You finally lucked out and found a job "catching and releasing" wild animals from the properties of suburbanites, so they can deforest even more land to build even more houses, movie theaters and strip malls in peace. But can a steady job truly hold down the free spirit inside of you crying for adventure?
4. Fisherman - §2,000 - Only on Monday, this is to show that the work is seasonal, much like the Natural Scientist level 10 job.
You abandoned a steady suburban job to chase an unsteady and adventure filled seasonal job. You must sail in perilous seas, bicker with your shipmates over spoiled food and be away from home for a long time. Work on improving your trap-rigging skills and keep your mind sharp to make a name for yourself.
5. Whaler - §875 - M, W, F, Su
Whaler is your name, harpooning and drive hunts are your game! Well, the demand for whales have fallen everywhere outside of the arctics, so you're mostly exterminating dolphin pods for bluefin tuna hungry rich sims wishing to eliminate their cetacean competition. Hone your skills as a hunter and you will be well on your way to profit, if not fun.
6. Black Market Pet Vendor - §1,000 - T, Th, Sa
Killing animals to sell the parts are easy, capturing and selling dangerous animals that are far from suitable pets are another thing entirely! You are now catering exclusively to sims with wallets as fat as their brains are small. If anybody wants a pet Komodo dragon, tiger or anaconda, they know who to call. That is, you.
7. Poaching Gang Member - §1,500 - T, Th, Sa
Ivory Fever is at a fever pitch in SavannahCity and you've put your underground pet shop aside for a piece of the action. You've joined up with a gang of poachers to make big money to bring home, which will ensure that your family still has food on the table and a roof over their heads tomorrow. Cleverness and cunning will help you avoid the local authorities.
8. Poaching Gang Leader - §2,500 - M, W, F, Su
You've proven yourself on the front lines and the higher ups of the underworld like what they see. You have been promoted to gang leader and now have underlings and lackeys. Who knows: maybe you'll take over the syndicate and own an entire army someday...
9. Trading Post Shopkeeper - §3,500 - M, T, W, Th, F, Sa
The underworld was too chaotic for even you to handle and you've retired to a place where the authorities aren't looking for you 24/7. However, there is still a §500,000 bounty on your head, so keep your nose to the ground.
10. World Renowned Hunter - §5,000 - Th, Su
With a §500,000 bounty on your head, you're never going to be free from those who wish to apprehend you. From previous experience, you know that the gangs aren't trustworthy and that the syndicate is eager to pin their crimes on you and then "rat you out". But while you couldn't stay off the Most Wanted List even after you tried, you're still one of the greatest hunters of the Sim Nation.

Additional Credits:
Modthesims.info and its super-duper staff

Custom Career tutorial video on youtube by joninmobile (under TheNinthWave)

LadyAngel's Custom Career Tutorial for finally getting my issue fixed!


Phaenoh's Custom career linking to Maxis major tutorial: