The Imperial Tales: Three Cultist Soldier Armors!

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Uploaded: 21st Oct 2013 at 8:21 PM
Updated: 17th May 2014 at 9:28 PM - the formatting kept getting auto-messed up, so I reformatted my credits post.
Basic Info:

* This is a recolor of the hidden Maxis base game female warrior outfit.
* These armors aren't default replacements, they are clones of the original outfit.
* These armors will not override each other, so you can have all three in-game together.
* These armors come in: Blackened Steel for the Footman (Infantry Soldiers/Bodyguards), Cloth for the Healer (Medic) and Leather for the Scout (Lookouts and Minesweepers).
* These armors are worn by female adults/young adults and can be found under Everyday, Formal, Athletic and as Outerwear.
* These armors are based on a story I am currently playing in-game called The Imperial Tales. See spoilers for details.


Mesh is Maxis's Sims 2 Base Game Default (the hidden warrior outfit)
Characters are from my story, The Imperial Tales. The names of the cultist crusaders are: Footman of the Six (black & red), Healer of the Six (pink) and Scout of the Six (brown).
The recolor was made by me, ijustneedsomeeyes. If you wish to alter and upload, please give me a credit link and upload for free.

Additional Credits:
The helpful and selfless moderators at Modthesims.

Without them, I could not learn how to get better. SimPE Nvidia DDS Utilities


Google images for helping me find the texture.

This tutorial by Morague at MTS:
Unlock Hidden Outfits for Bodyshop