Trick or Treat! Four Halloween Full-Face Makeups

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Uploaded: 28th Oct 2013 at 8:37 AM
Updated: 5th Dec 2013 at 7:47 PM
Basic Info:

* This makeup is available for all ages and sexes - even young adults!
* They are all recolors of base-game full face makeups. You will find these custom makeups under "Full Face Makeup".
* As stated, these makeups are base game compatible and need no other extra custom content.
* The Ghoul and Bigfoot face makeups are cloned from the Bon Voyage default Bigfoot "makeup", but it has been changed significantly. For example, you do not see the hairs that go all the way down from the chin to the neck, because they have been removed, along with the lips. Why? Because I only needed the forehead, nose and cheek textures to pull off the "hideous monster" look.
* The infected makeup uses a very transparent version of the altered bigfoot makeup, just to give it some freaky realistic details, so it doesn't look like it was just a sticker slapped on a sim's face.
* Comes in four colors: Bigfoot (dark), Mutant Ghoul (Pasty White), Infected Flesh (pink with white tissue) and Fire Demon Possessed (forehead fire)

If you wish that I would make alterations to these makeups or make completely new and unrelated makeups, my inbox welcomes you.


Makeups recolored by me, ijustneedsomeeyes. If you wish to alter and upload, pease upload only on MTS, give me a credit link and upload for free.
The base for the fire demon possessed makeup was also made by me. It was made possible with Paint.NET.
The base for the mutant, bigfoot and infected makeups go to Maxis.

Additional Credits: SimPE Nvidia DXT
Google Images
The dedicated mods at modthesims, for taking time out of their schedules to help creators and downloaders alike.