Lynn Jones - A Well Rounded Sim

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2013 at 11:55 PM
Updated: 17th Jul 2015 at 4:56 AM
As I myself am well rounded, and maybe a bit more I wanted to make a cute, not so Maxis skinny sim. She's my first sim upload because I've never felt sims were my strong point. But I really like her and would like to share her with everyone.

Meet Lynn Jones

Lynn is fun loving and happy. She has a great sense of humor and a huge heart. She's the best friend you could ever have

You need Seasons for her hair. If you like her but don't have Seasons, you can still grab her, you'll just have to choose a different hair

Lynn's bodyshape mesh is included, but I HIGHLY recommend downloading Dr Pixel's Well Rounded Sims Female Adult Basic set, so you have clothing options for the other outfits, i.e. undies, formal, bathing suit, etc. Also in the related links you will find even more options for well rounded sim clothing.

Custom Content by Me:
- Lynn's Face

Custom Content Included:
- HystericalParoxysm - Demused Sims - MTS2 by HystericalParoxysm
- Deceptive Eyes - Hazel by Anva
- Eyelights - Curtain Call by bruno
- Soft Lashes by Anva
- 50 Flavors-Candy Slicks-Solar Eclipse by bruno
- full-face-not-intensive by Dedication
- Vividmiss - Bold Cheek Freckles by vividmiss
- Rensim - Facekit - Nose Sides by Rensim
- Rensim - Facekit - Nose Button by Rensim
- Rensim - Facekit - Nose Bulb 2 by Rensim
- Rensim - Facekit - Eyebags 2 by Rensim
- Rensim - Facekit - Eyebags 1 by Rensim
- Realistic Sclera & Tearducts by Anva
- Vividmiss - Full Freckles by vividmiss
- Look here! 3 Unique Eyeshapes-Model A-Light by AlfredAskew
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2 by HystericalParoxysm
- Well Rounded Sims Female Adult - Everyday Recolour Set by rotes_zebra
- Well Rounded Sims Female Adult by Dr Pixel

Additional Credits:
Thanks to HP for suggesting I make her face a little less puffy She looks much better now.

Used in screenshots:

Walls from:
Stucco Wall Collection by darkambiance
The Rolf Logan Urban Loft Collection of Fine Wall Paints by Xtian

Lamp from:
yyata living set by ulmille