Disable University Life social interactions in non-University worlds

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Uploaded: 17th Nov 2013 at 6:14 AM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2014 at 5:37 AM - Added Customization information
Created for patch 1.63, Works with patch 1.67.2

This mod keeps the University social interactions at school. It removes them from all other worlds, so you won't see elders in your regular game running into your home streaking. Your families won't constantly berate one another for their ignorance, and you can keep the university life separate from your regular one. In other words, what happens at University stays at University.

Social interactions work normally when you return to school.

Instructions - Download one zip file. Install all mods from the zipped folder to prevent everything, or pick and choose what interactions you want to prevent. Place all files in your packages folder. There are now two zip files, because people requested to have the flirt socials left in the regular game. Only download one zip folder.

1. Symux_Streak_Sim_NoStreakingInHomeWorld - Prevents all streak interactions in the home world
2. Symux_PracticeSchoolCheer_Sim_RemoveCheeringFromHomeWorld - Prevents Cheers in the home world
3. Symux_SocialGroupUI_PhoneSmart-DisableSocialGroupInteractions - Prevents the social groups interactions from the phone in the home world
4. Symux_CheckSocialGroups_PhoneSmart_DisableInHomeWorld - Disables the checking of social groups while in the home world.
5. Symux_SocialData_EP9_KeepUniversityInteractionsAtUniversity - Prevents several socials in the home world *Listed below*

Mod Conflicts - These mods use 5 different EA files, and they will conflict with other mods that use them.
- Streak_Sim
- PracticeSchoolCheer_Sim
- SocialGroupUI_PhoneSmart
- CheckSocialGroups_PhoneSmart
- SocialData_EP9

You can customize this mod by deleting the line I added for each social you want left in the regular game. A few of them already had it, but most did not. The code restricts which worlds use them, and it is not needed to run the game.

<AWT val="University" />

*Full list of social interactions prevented in the home world from Symux_SocialData_EP9_...


- Invite/Ask to be Roommate
- Dare To Imply Mother Is A Llama
- Ask For/Respond to Tutoring
- Boast About Gamer Skillz
- Compliment Degree
- School Cheer
- Postulate Theory
- Ink Blot Test
- Ask for DNA Sample
- Talk About Being Irresistible
- Boast About Good Looks
- Wink
- Blow A Kiss
- Cop Lecture Student
- Stimulus Response Test
- Juiced Kiss
- Juiced Make Out
- Juiced Leap Into Arms
- Juiced WooHoo
- Describe Radical Idea
- Accuse of Being a Sellout
- Enthuse about Obscure Music
- Condescend the Mainstream
- Hand Out Flyer
- Graduation Congratulations
- Brag About Degree
- Make Fun Of Degree
- Ask About Degree
- Cop Lecture Getting Caught
- Heat Of The Moment Kiss
- Kiss And Make Up
- Rebound Kiss
- Cinnamon Kiss
- Spicy WooHoo
- Ask for Test Answers
- Offer Test Answers
- Flower Kiss
- Ask For Herb
- Brag About Cheating
- Congratulate Cheater
- Complain About Unfair Professors
- Ask Sim To Attend Class
- Greet New Identity
- Invite To University Graduation
- Really Loud Introduction
- WooHooty Call
- Farewell Hug
- Dare
- Dare To Dumpster Dive
- Dare To Streak
- Dare To Do A Keg Stand
- Dare To Divide By Zero
- Mind Meld
- Trivia Challenge
- Dare To Rant About Death
- Dare To Watch A Gross Video
- Dare To Kiss
- Dare To Ask For Test Answers
- Dare To Lets Go On A Date
- Show University Acceptance Letter
- Ask Roommate To
- Mooch From Roommate
- Show Off New Gizmo
- Sell Test Answers
- Berate Ignorance
- Gossip About Roommate
- Enthuse About Comic Books
- Complain About Video Games
- Ask For Extra Credit
- Ask To Endorse Coolness
- Catch Up On Old Times
- Talk About University
- Complain About Roommate
- Buy Tutoring
- Reminisce About University Life
- Joke About Professors
- Talk About Brain Enhancement
- Take Romantic Photo Together with Smart Phone
- Ask to Sketch You
- Sketch You
- Ask to Sketch You Nude
- Sketch You Nude
- Show Funny Video
- Show Gross Video
- Show Internet Cats Video
- Enquire About Grade
- Ask About Major
- Ask For Mascot Training

**NEW** Keep UL Interactions at University_Allow some Flirts.7z

This package file disables most of the above list, but it allows the following socials to stay in the regular game.

- Boast about good looks
- Wink
- Blow a Kiss
- Kiss and make up
- Rebound kiss
- Ask to sketch you
- Sketch you
- Ask to sketch you nude
- Sketch you nude
- Heat of the moment kiss
- Woohooty Call

Place these mods in your package directory, or remove them from there when you no longer need them.

Additional Credits:
Thank-you Nona Mena for your tutorial. I couldn't have done this without it.