The Simlux Movie Palace - (no CC)

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2013 at 7:16 AM

Lot Size: 30 X 40
Bedrooms: N/A
Bathrooms: 6
Cost furnished: 344,658
Cost unfurnished: 183,910
SPs:FLS (for seating in jazz club)
Store: Le Cinema Plumbob Set, Croon to Me Softly Mic Stand (Jazz Age Living Room), New Year's Nectar (free), Carnival Dancer (free) - (second version of lot also available, which uses only the free deco items)
CC: None

A restored art deco cinema palace from the heydey of the movie industry, the Simlux boasts a richly decorated screening room, a live stage, a sumptuous lobby with games and snacks, and an upper level cocktail bar. There are rumors that an old speakeasy has been converted into a jazz club on the very top level.

I built this community lot a while ago for someone who needed an Art Deco theater for a story she was doing, and figured I might as well post it, especially as it might fit into "Roaring Heights" when it's released. I based it on an old theater that had been restored in the town where I grew up -- it used to have a secret speakeasy on the top floor, and the new owners had turned it into a club that required a password to get into.

The ground floor of the lot has a movie screen in one chamber, plus a live stage area in the second chamber. (It's not a Showtime stage -- it's just a set, currently decorated for a vampire production.) There are dressing rooms and other backstage areas as well. The lobby snack bars have food registers, juice bars and other snacks. There are professional bars on the second floor, which is decorated with some of the Egyptian items that were all the rage in the 20s. There are instruments, a radio and a dance floor in the jazz club on the top floor. There is also a consignment register in the ticket booth, to get a service Sim in there for looks. You cannot interact through the window, however, so if this bothers you, just remove the register.

The rear view is extremely dull because that's how the backs of a lot of old theaters look in the city, as they would usually just back up into an alley.

One version of the lot (labeled 'st') has store content from the Cinema Plumbob set and some free deco items. There is a second version (labeled 'nst') that uses only EP and SP items plus the free deco objects.

The lot should be set to 'No Visitors Allowed' when you place the building. You'll need to add a rabbit hole rug or otherwise add a rabbit hole to the lot in order to use it as a theater for your town.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: 344,658

Additional Credits:
Thanks to ombradellarosa for "hiring" me as her builder for her Bachelorette story on Carl's Sims 3 Guide