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Tiny modern town house-base game and CC free

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Uploaded: 15th Dec 2013 at 7:28 AM
Updated: 17th Dec 2013 at 4:51 AM
The tiny modern town house is perfect for a single sim or a young couple, an ideal retreat after a divorce, or an interesting alternative for a wealthy student who needs his own space. If you're living in a packed neighborhood but are unwilling to leave friends and family, or if you want to live right between the grocery store and the gym, this is a practical option for you.

This house will fit almost anywhere! Built on a tiny 15x10 lot when the price of land in Sunset Valley plummeted and empty lots were practically unavailable, it is designed to make the most of precious square footage without making sims feel cramped. Split leveling and an open stairwell go a long way to create spatial diversity and high ceilings, so sims won't suffer from claustrophobia. Even sims who love nature and choose to niche their lot tightly between two others will get plenty of fresh air on the terrace roof top.

Downstairs split leveling divides an open space for a functional yet airy layout.

The landing over the open stairwell is a great place for reading, meditating, or a game of chess on a rainy day.

The roof terrace is divided into a cooking area for grilling your meat without getting smoke all over your guests, and a higher terrace for sunbathing, gym, or stargazing. Bob the estate agent didn't think twice about carrying plates, cutlery, sausages and buns up the ladder.

This house has one bedroom that can fit a double bed and at a push a couple of extra single beds, but that would certainly be a tight squeeze for your family.
The bathroom is divided in two so you have a separate loo that is easily accessible for your guests. Sims don't like sharing their showers however, so you have your own shower room "en suite".

Bob and his car are not included, he just came round to test the lot and don't worry, he did the dishes before he left!

Size: 15x10
Price: unfurnished: 27671, furnished 40862.

Lot Size: 10x15
Lot Price: 40862

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