All-In-One Bigfoot Makeup/Hair/Costume Unhider!

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2013 at 9:06 AM
Updated: 6th Mar 2014 at 4:01 AM - Please don't delete the bigfoot outfit/hair/makeup in BodyShop/CAS!
Oh, I almost forgot: You should never, ever, ever, ever, ever delete the bigfoot ensemble anywhere in-game (such as CAS) or BodyShop. Basically, never delete the outfit/hair/makeup itself! If you want it to stop showing, just remove the package file (because it is merely a revealer, not the outfit itself) from the downloads folder only!

This mod is not a new outfit, it is one .package file that allows your elder and adult males to don a full bigfoot ensemble (makeup, hair and clothes) from the mirror, CAS, Bodyshop and the outfits will show up as a buyable outfit in the clothing buy mode when your sim shops for clothes.

It is a recategorizer/unhider/unlocker and all you need to do is pop this into your downloads folder to wear, buy and Bodyshop! There are no special instructions, all this .package file will do is to unlock things already in the Bon Voyage expansion pack, that is all.

Due to this, you will need the Bon Voyage expansion pack to be able to "unhide" these makeups, hairs and clothes. Uninstalling is as easy as removing the .package file from your Downloads folder. However, if your sim is already wearing a full Bigfoot ensemble, removing this mod won't stop his outfit from showing. To remove the outfit from a sim, you will have to do that manually.


There is also something you should know, as shown by this bodyshop insructional tutorial and the in-game CAS screenshots:

Additional Credits:
  • Morague for her unhider tutorial. It is also applicable to hidden hats, makeup, glasses, etc.
  • SimPE
  • Modthesims
  • leefish, for confirming in my journal that this Bigfoot ensemble unhider is allowed and would not be rejected, as Shift+N doesn't let you see hidden outfits in bodyshop, mirror and buy mode.