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Lola Rayne (Redux)

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2014 at 8:11 PM
Updated: 3rd Jan 2014 at 12:32 AM
Hey everyone, I wanted to remake this Sim for quite some time. Her story has changed a bit. Well here she Is......

Bio:Lola is an alien from another distant galaxy from another planet called Laboina.
It was known for its advanced technology. Lola was born with very strange powers. She had very wonderful parents, although Lola barely knew them since she was a baby. It seems that she would live in a peaceful planet along with her parents. Until one day, the unfortunate happened. Lola's parents were sacrificed as a baby as she was put in an escape capsule before a meteor came and destroyed the entire planet. Miraculously, she was adopted and found in a home with good warm-hearted human parents. They accepted her as any other human would be. Sadly while growing up she wonders mostly what happened with her real parents and why she has strange powers as she barely knows how to use them yet. Lola's life may seem as a bit of a mystery but she is living and learning about life everyday with other humans.


Lola's face were sculpted by using Nraas Master Controller mod (1X) sliders. If you do not want to change her face then don’t worry. She will remain the same. If you do want to change Lola's face then you will need to download the Master Controller mod.

I also used this mod by CmarNYC (Basic non-core Edition) I don’t think you will need this too if you only want to change her face or whatnot. And it shouldn’t cause any problems, just like to Nraas mod.

Lola's is packaged with EA's default skin. If you download most of her stuff above every thing should be fine.


(**Since Sclub site is down for now, I uploaded the Makeup too!!)

Created and Tested with Game Version Patch 1.63


Additional Credits:
And of course these wonderful poses!

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