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Better Sleeping Babies & Toddlers

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2014 at 10:09 PM
Updated: 27th Jun 2014 at 5:34 PM

While testing games for bugs/glitches it became very clear, that babies and toddlers were a bit of a challenge to deal with and test too. This is another of those little mods I came up with some time ago to help deal with that useless "lump in a blanket" and it's nose picking counterpart. Originally I had intended this for babies only, but not finding the required tuning file for babies, I decided to use the one for toddlers and include babies. Basically when a baby or toddler goes to sleep (on the floor or in the crib) ALL their motives will increase while they sleep. No more waking up with low social or hunger needs, parent sims actually get to sleep a little, and the little brats are a little less bothersome.

I edited 2 files:
  • Sleep_IGameObject - is the actual sleep tuning file for toddlers, I simply added babies to it, and increases for all motives
  • Sleep_0x084c686e55f33d35 - has 2 references for babies:
    • BabySleepEnergyMultiplier - Babies gain energy faster than toddlers in the crib due to their need to sleep often - Default was "2", changed to "1.5" so they would sleep a little longer
    • SleepMotiveWakeUpThreshold - Energy motive level at which babies and toddlers should wake up - Default was "95", changed to "99" same reason as above
NOTE: Do NOT change the "SleepMotiveWakeUpThreshold" to 100 or your baby wont wake up

Requires only the Base Game and built with patch version 1.67 - Edits the Sleep_0x084c686e55f33d35.XML and Sleep_IGameObject.ITUN and will conflict with any other mod which does the same.

pljones for S3PE