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Just Someone: "Mystery Sim" Replacement

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Uploaded: 8th Feb 2014 at 10:39 PM
Who is Mystery Sim? And how did they get around to getting with every sim in my neighborhood?
Do away with this nonsense once and for all with this simple default! "Mystery Sim" is now just "Someone" and the icon has been replaced with a generic question mark.
I ran this through Google translate for every language I could (Cyrillic wasn't available). I only speak some Spanish and a touch of bad Korean, so I can't guarantee proper grammar for any of the translations. If I got your language wrong, let me know and I'll make edits.

I made this specifically for a neighborhood I'm building, where I'm using SimPE to edit memories one otherwise wouldn't see, to suggest back-story outside of the borders of a single neighborhood. Seeing memories like "Mystery Sim was born!", next to "Lost fight with Mystery Sim.", and then "Had very first kiss with Mystery Sim." implies something I don't intend.

Yup... you never forget your first kiss!