New Lunch & Dinner: K2 Sub & Chicken Parmesan

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Uploaded: 13th Feb 2014 at 2:04 AM
Updated: 29th Jan 2016 at 1:25 AM
It's back to the sim grocery store and your sims possibly have a taste for something different. Why not put some new foods into your sims fridge? This time, I've created two meals I'm sure that you and your sims are going to enjoy. I introduce to you “Chicken Parmesan” and The “K2 Sub Sandwich”.

Chicken Parmesan : Chicken Parmesan is something that I usually cook on Fridays when I have guests. It's a very delicious mean that is made from baked chicken breast drenched in parmesan cheese and tomato sauce. Chicken Parmesan can also be sided with pasta to make a satisfying meal.

Details- This sim meal is found during dinner period. Click on the fridge tab and browse in "AF Requests" Tab. The mesh will not override the original spaghetti or any other custom made foods.

Poly Count –

Null Model 1
Prep Cutting board- 1166
Eat- 408
Cook -36
Prep Bowl-36
In Plate-670

K2 Sub Sandwich: If you can't get enough of the subs that I've made, here is another you can add to your sub collection. The K2 is a simple and yet delicious sandwich that is stuffed with turkey slices, Cheese, Garlic sauce, and fresh leafy cress.

Details- This Sub sandwich can be found in “Have Sub” or “Serve Sub” fridge menu during the lunch time period in gameplay. This meal was cloned from Lobster Thermidor and will not override any previous foods that were downloaded into the sims2.

Poly Count-

Null Model 1
Ingredients Prep- 872
Food From Fridge- 504
Eat -948
Cook State- 948
Package- 216
In Plate-1210

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Google Images, yahoo images, Adobe Photoshop, and Milkshape 3D.