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Workout Wear with Sneakers for Boys

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Uploaded: 19th Feb 2014 at 12:51 AM
Of course, my Sim boys saw the workout wear I made for their sisters and immediately started whining about unfairness and favouritism. They don't really care about the clothes; they just don't like being left out. So here are some sporty outfits that are just for them. They come in eight colours (red, orange, yellow, acid, green, aqua, blue, and black) and have comfy sneakers just like the girls' version:

I've set these outfits as Athletic and Everyday (just in case your Sims want to wear their sporty duds to school). They use a new mesh (included in the zip file) and have a working fat morph; see if you can figure out which Sim needs to do a little more exercise! No EPs or SPs are required.


Polygon Counts:
workout wear with sneakers = 2294

Additional Credits:
Thank you to all the hair creators!

Short Sweet Bedhead by fanseelamb
"Cherub" Curly Hair by HystericalParoxysm
Full Moon by Trapping & Remi

The white glasses are a mesh by tamo, but the "recolour" is a cool error my game made.

Also thanks to NixNivis who made the awesome Sim Bouncer that the boy in green is sitting on. If you haven't downloaded it yet, I highly recommend you do so. Your Sims (and all their friends and neighbours) will love it!