Mermaids Cannot Eat Non-Sea Fish Raw

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2014 at 5:54 PM
Updated: 28th Mar 2014 at 7:29 AM - Title Edit

Translated into (by): Japanese, French (Occultine), Finnish (varpunen)

I basically made this mod to go with my other Mermaid mod that increases the hunger they get from eating meals cooked with fish from the sea (Check it out here: Increased Mermaid Hunger From Fish Meals + Extra Moodlets From Plasma Fruit Meals ). It seemed strange after making the mod that Mermaids could still eat fish that wasn't from the sea as long as it was raw or still swimming in a bowl or tank... (And the thought of my Mermaids eating raw Frogs and Toads is just...) So I whipped up another script mod, simply replacing the MermaidEat and MermaidEatFromFishContainer interactions with custom versions that cannot be used if the mod considers the fish to be invalid. This way, Mermaids can still eat raw fish, as long as the fish is not one of the following:

Minnow, Goldfish, Rainbow Trout, Piranha, Black Goldfish, Vampire Fish, Robot Fish, Deathfish, Mummy Fish, Crocodile, Frogs, Dragon Fish, Doitsu Koi, Kawarimono Koi, Ochiba Koi, Tancho Koi, Snails, Sewer Trilobite, Toad, Luminous Salamander, Rainbow Snail

The list can be found and edited in the mod's Tuning XML. If you have my other Mermaid moid, this default list is exactly the same as the default list of invalid fish in that mod, but each mod has their own separate lists so you can edit them separately as you wish, or make sure that if you edit one that you do the other to match.

If you try to direct a mermaid to eat one of the fish from the above list, the interaction will now be greyed out with a tooltip telling you "This fish does not seem to be from the sea". The tooltip is translatable (I've done only the English and Japanese ones) and you are welcome to post a translation in the comments if you wish.

Built and tested on Patch 1.63 (Should still work on patches above)

Requires Island Paradise

Uninstalling: Make sure non of your active mermaids are eating raw fish during the time of saving before you remove the mod if you do.