Totoro's Treehouse ~ Community Park and Beer Garden

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2014 at 8:05 PM

Totoro's Treehouse

Community Park

As it says on the picture - this was originally made for the "It Takes a Village" building contest. It's just taken me a while to get it uploaded...

This was a no CC round, with the exception of 'build' items... and, uh, I added a few of those... yeah. Mostly plants, rocks, and Windkeeper's lattice fence set from TSR. The lot was designed to fulfill the 'Village Local' requirements for the contest - which means it is a watering hole for everyone in the community. And it includes: a bar, at least 4 chairs, beer garden, swingset, pool table, tv, plus a quick service food area, dance floor, vending machine, an arcade game, public restrooms, and lots of garden areas to sit and enjoy the ambiance.

I built this lot shortly after MLC introduced us to her wonderful treehouse (above) - I just had to play around with it! It is totally amaze-balls!
Up in the treehouse your adventurous sims will find a couch and chair, a TV with game station, some books and toys, an easel, and an arcade game. That is one hefty treehouse!

The above pictures show the front part of the lot - the kid's play area. This side of the bridge caters to kids of all ages. The main restrooms are also here.

Once you cross the bridge, you're in the Adult area, featuring the bar and beer garden, dance floor, pool table, and quick service food stand. There is an extra, small, unisex bathroom tucked away behind the food stand.

Despite the DJ upstairs and wild kids running everywhere, this park exudes calm. Find a bench, have a seat, listen to the quiet Japanese music playing subtly in the background and let your worries fade away...

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: NA

Custom Content Included:
- The Great Divide in Sparse and Spotty by aelflaed @ MTS2
- Rocks Fence by thejim07 @ MTS2
- Dark Blue Iron Roof by goderguy @ MTS2
- HL_UpriteCornerColumn by HugeLunatic @ MTS2
- Marvine-ConcreteSpiralStairs-left by Marvine @ MTS2
- Marvine-ConcreteSpiralStairs-right by Marvine @ MTS2
- Marvine-ladder-animated-Kodiak by Marvine @ MTS2
- pig-Marvin-AnimatedLadder-newwood06 by Piggis @ PiggisSims
- wind_heliosmaxisprivacywindow by Windkeeper @ TSR
- InvisibleTicketMachine by pfish @ MTS2
- BB_FickleFern by BuggyBooz @ MTS2
- BB_FuglyFern by BuggyBooz @ MTS2
- k8-cloudtemplecloud by K8 @ Parsimonious
- k8-cloudtemplecloud2 by K8 @ Parsimonious
- k8-eponymousgarden-foxgloves by K8 @ Parsimonious
- k8-resplendantgarden-grass by K8 @ Parsimonious
- pas_sfv_edit_k8-eponymousgarden-bergamo by PAS edit of K8 @ Parsimonious
- pas_sfv_edit_k8-eponymousgarden-ginseng by PAS edit of K8 @ Parsimonious
- pas_sfv_edit_k8-eponymousgarden-motherwort by PAS edit of K8 @ Parsimonious
- Numenor_DeckStairs_main by Numenor @ MTS2
- SA99-GardenLilliesMESH by SA99 @ TSR
- SA99-GardenLilliesYellow by SA99 @ TSR
- SA99-GardenSnapdragonMESH by SA99 @ TSR
- SA99-GardenSnapdragonRed by SA99 @ TSR
- SA99-TallCatTailsMESH by SA99 @ TSR
- Wooden Lattice Screen by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Wooded Lattice Fencing by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Wooden Privacy Screen by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Wooden Privacy Fence by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Wooded Lattice Gate - short by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Wooded Lattice Gate by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Wooded Lattice Gate screen by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_largewaterlily by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_largewaterlily1 by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_largewaterlily2 by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Wind_largewaterlily3 by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_largewaterlilyleaves by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_largewaterlily_pink by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_largewaterlily_red by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_smalljapanesemapletree by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_toysailboat by Windkeeper @ TSR
- ASC_BV_BoulderSmall_Mesh by Shakeshaft @ TSR
- ASC_BV_Boulder_Mesh by Shakeshaft @ TSR
- ASC_BV_CrackedRock_Mesh by Shakeshaft @ TSR
- ASC_BV_SmallRockGroup_Mesh by Shakeshaft @ TSR
- AS_Creations_BeachRock01_Mesh by Shakeshaft @ TSR
- AS_Creations_RockeryStoneLarge_Mesh by Shakeshaft @ TSR
- PondBorderStones_macarossi by Macarossi @ MTS2
- The SupaFridge by Targa by Targas @ MTS2
- RDN_MLC_PlayhouseTree by MLC @ MTS2
- terrainPaint_WindkeeperPinkCherryBlossoms by Windkeeper @ TSR
- terrainPaint_WindkeeperVividCherryBlossoms by Windkeeper @ TSR

Additional Credits:
Special thanks go to Loaf for hosting the contest; and to karen_lorraine and ekrubynaffit for finishing up everything
Thank you to the creators of the wonderful CC I used in this lot!
Thanks also go to MTS2, for being such an awesome site