Cheeky Pose Pack by TheaiNyx

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Uploaded: 4th Mar 2014 at 12:00 AM
Updated: 4th Mar 2014 at 1:53 PM
Cheeky Pose Pack by TheaiNyx

Hello! This is my first custom anything I've created for the Sims (or any game), so please forgive me if I babble a bit towards the end ^-^'

This pack has been tested with the base game. Pose Player is required.

This pack includes 5 poses:


Yes, I felt like adding my name at the end of each name just to torture you Just kidding, this pack is list compatible so you don't have to type in the name to make your sims use my poses, yay~

This pack is also compatible with Misusuki's Pose Player Interaction Add-on V3. Perhaps I should add that while testing, my poses didn't work with the Add-on installed without having another pose pack installed (the dialogue box where you type in the name of the pose you want to use didn't pop up), however after I put all of the poses into one package with the Pose Pack Creator it worked just as it should both with and without the add-on.

Now I'm going to ramble a bit about the poses
There are a few wonky fingers but none of it is too noticeable, there are close-ups of all "important" parts of the poses so you can check and see for yourself if you want before downloading

The slight clipping on the eye you see on the Cheeky Tongue pose is due to the model's eyeshape, it was necessary to have the winking eye look fine when sims with less slim eyes use the pose (otherwise there was a gap between the eyelids and the eyeball was visible, and we don't want that). Oh and btw, the cheeks on the pose are "puffed up", so don't be surprised if your sim's face suddenly looks very round :P

The Cheeky Suspender pose was made to match outfits with 3D suspenders, specifically Anubis' Break Down outfit, though it does work (with more noticeable clipping) with yet another Anubis creation: the suspender version of the Dawn Allure dress. Regarding the clipping that exists with the Break Down outfit; it was either the suspenders clipping through the thumbs or the thumbs clipping through the shirt. Any other clipping issues you may notice are due to the clothing, I guarantee there are no limbs clipping through others

I must confess that I am a bit worried regarding the "the Finger" pose, as I didn't find any information regarding rude gestures not being allowed in creations (only swears and to be fair, gestures that are perfectly innocent in some cultures can be terribly rude in others) so I hope anyone seeing this pose isn't offended by it, as that most definitely is not my intention with the pose.
*end rant*

CC used on the models:
Default skin by: brntwaffles
Default eyes by: shadowwolf5889 (Ima eyes)
Clothes by: Anubis
Hairs by: Anubis & Elexis
Shoes by: Pixicat & Anubis (and base-game)
Eyebrows and makeup by: Pralinesims and Elexis
(If you can't find something by Anubis and Elexis on their sites, check Ace Creators where they've uploaded stuff as well)

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators of:

Pose Player
Clip Tool Rigs
Pose Pack Creator S3PE & and creators of the tutorials I followed.

(tutorials found here)