Testers Wanted: Kitchen Knife Wooden Block Set

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Uploaded 19th Mar 2005 at 7:01 PM · Updated 20th Mar 2005 at 9:46 AM by boblishman : v. 0.31b SimPe Wizard now passes all my objects

Hi Guys,
Would you test this for me please?
Unique GUID, EP ready and colour enabled. This is a set of kitchen knives in a wooden knife block. Interchangable coloured knife handles and different colour wooden block (36 possible combinations).

After messing about with mirrors for the last week...I decided to go back to doing what I really enjoy...making the normal stuff that I've got in my real house ... in order to make my Sim house as close a replica as possible.

So..... hence the knife block....

I really need testers because...

a) I don't have Uni yet... (haven't had time to go shopping for weeks...too busy making this stuff )

b) This is quite polygon heavy so I'm especially interested in feedback from people with low spec machines. It's well above the recommendations by Maxis, but as there are no animations for it (and it doesn't move by itself), I don't think it will slow anyone's game. (...please don't ask about animations...I can't do them, and have no idea how to start....maybe someone else would like to try...if so...p.m. me) ...but if it does slow your game, please let me know.

The zip fle contains all the recolours as well as the master file. Please don't post the master file anywhere else in case it need modifying as a result of your feedback. Please pm me about recolours before you make them for posting...I always reply...

Oh..., and I think I've sorted out why my previous objects were causing problems with the SimPE Wizard. I have been a bit over zelous in adding my stuff to too many catagories in the catalogue... which is why you'll find my previous stuff in a load of wierd places in the catalogue. I've now stopped doing this...resticting them to ONE function only.
However, the new Wizard (SimPe v 0.31b) now passes ALL my objects, so I guess it's been fixed so as not to look at more than one catagory.

This item appears under Rooms:Kitchen ...and Decorations - ALL (the infinity sign). It shouldn't appear anywhere else, and shouldn't conflict with the Wizard.

That's my lot for this weekend... I maybe back on Monday with something new... (I'm thinking stainless steel kitchen utensils on a wall rack :confused: ) ......hmmmmm.....

Anyway, enjoy! ... and thanks for testing...