(UPDATE 13-JUL-2016) Bring Food & Drink To Others - Any Time, Any Place

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Uploaded: 22nd Mar 2014 at 8:57 PM
Updated: 12th Jul 2016 at 6:08 PM - Mod Update


13-JUL-2016: Simplified some more code and fixed the animations used when adult sims pass cocktail glasses to one another.

10-JAN-2016: Interactions should no longer appear on foods on display in any of the shelves and displays from the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery store set.

Mod Description

When looking for a way to pass food from one sim to another, I came across the Bring To... interaction in the code and found it odd that I've never seen it in the actual game... The reason turned out to be that by default the interaction can ONLY be used on Late Night bars/clubs/lounges or by a sim hosting a party, which I find unnecessarily restrictive. So this is a script mod which replaces the Bring to... (for foods and drinks) and Bring a Serving to... (for group servings) interactions with versions that can be used anytime anywhere, unlocking them for everyday use.

Handy for passing food/drink to a specific sim to eat without resorting to the Call To Meal interaction in cases where you don't want the whole household to swarm to eat at once. Plus the interactions have the added bonus of being positive social interactions, so there is a slight relationship increase between the sims when one brings food or a drink to another (despite what the second screenshot looks like...). And don't worry, these are user-directed only interactions so you don't have to worry about inactive sims spamming you with food and drinks.

In addition, all these interactions have been unlocked for children as well and quite some effort was put in to make sure they don't stretch and distort while performing them.


Built on patch 1.63. Tested and works for patches 1.63 and above

Requirements; Only requires the Base Game. Thanks to AmazingSims for confirming this

Uninstalling: Make sure there are no sims using any of these interactions at the time of saving (since it is a non-autonomous interaction you should only need to check your active sims) before you remove the mod.