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(UPDATE: 24-MAR-2017) Cook With Any Ingredient (Wood Fire Oven/Sauna/Teppanyaki Grill/Baker's Station compatible)

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2014 at 9:42 PM
Updated: 26th Mar 2017 at 7:01 PM - Mod Update

: If you're unsure whether this mod will conflict with another mod please read the End Notes section down below


24-MAR-2017 (Main mod): Fix for sims not using the fridge for quick meals that don't require ingredients and for vampire sims not gaining thirst from plasma juice/plasma orange juice with the No Free Quick Meals mod installed. Hungarian translation added (by betti76)

5-JAN-2016 (ALL packages including the Tuning file): MAJOR UPDATE
Rather extensive changes have been made to the main mod and all the modules for (hopefully) better performance. The following new features have been added:
  • The pop-up recipe selection menu on the fridge now shows what required ingredients are missing from the current sim's inventory and the fridge. (If you have too many ingredients this can potentially get resource heavy, read the Settings section below for how to turn this feature off in this case)
  • The pop-up recipe selection menu on the fridge now has separate tabs for recipes associated to the Wood Fire Oven, Teppanyaki Grill and Bakers Station (requires the associated module for the object).
  • Unlocked and the "Ask to Cook" social interaction, which allows sims to request another sim to cook a meal for them. If they accept, the interaction now brings up a recipe selection menu for the player to choose which recipe the sim should cook.
  • You can now choose specifically how many portions in a group serving to make, via a pop-up that appears at the end of cooking.
  • Interaction to rename a dish added to the dish itself.
  • With the Tuning file, the base game Birthday Cake and the Generations Wedding Cake can now be cooked with this mod. For modders: Added ability to cook custom birthday and wedding cakes loaded with CCLoader.
  • The ingredient selection menu will always as a pop-up even when the mod is set to back to the pie menu style for selecting recipes.
  • All custom ingredients from mods should now be selectable,
  • Horse Granola made with Flame Fruit will always appear with flames (note: horse granola made with this mod before this update may no longer be usable so it is advisable to use them up or delete them before updating)
There is also a new string in the mod requiring translation

Mod Description

Tired of your sims using up those prized perfect Life Fruits in a plate of Pancakes without you knowing? Want to use more than just boring old Lettuce in your sim's Autumn Salad? This mod lets you specifically choose the ingredients your sim will use to cook with and warns you when they decide to autonomously cook with ingredients you potentially want to keep. Even more, the mod lets you pick ANY combination of ingredients to cook meals with so you aren't tied to recipe restrictions.

Details & Features

  • The mod replaces the cooking interactions on Fridges, Stoves, Food Processors, Microwaves and Grills (as well as the Wood Fire Oven, Sauna, Teppanyaki Grill and Bakers Station from the Store if you download their optional modules) with custom versions that
    • displays a pop-up menu showing you the available recipes your sim can cook (if you prefer the regular pie menu way of choosing recipes the pop-up menu can be disabled, see the Settings section below)
    • displays a window showing the ingredients in your sim's inventory and fridge for you to choose from.
  • The ingredients that the recipe requires are displayed, BUT you are free to choose ANY combination of up to 3 ingredients to cook the recipe with. (The one exception is Ambrosia, which must have its required ingredients selected to be cook, but you can still add an extra ingredient to it if you want).
  • To compensate for the cheatiness, if you decide NOT to follow the default recipe and use different ingredients instead, the final quality of the cooked meal will be potentially dropped. The lower the cook's Cooking skill and the further you stray from the original recipe the more likely the dish turns out bad, so beware! (NOTE: this can be disabled, see Settings below)

  • The mod will warn you whenever one of your active sims decides to autonomously cook, telling you which ingredients they plan to use or buy so you can block them by clicking the "No" button. This will cancel their current interaction. It's mostly a warning for you to attend to their needs as well as to prevent them from using ingredients without you knowing. (The same warning will appear if a hired Butler tries to cook on your home lot since they use the household's inventory and funds)
  • If you want you can force your active sims to ONLY cook using ingredients from their inventory or fridge (see the Settings section below). Otherwise there is also a Buy Items option in the ingredients window which automatically chooses and buys any remaining necessary ingredients other than the ones you've already chosen. (NOTE: You need a fridge on the lot to buy items, except when using a grill or one of the store objects on a community lot. Also you can ONLY use ingredients in the sim's inventory when using on the Sauna)
  • Cook any recipe at any time! Go ahead and let your sims have steak for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.
  • Cook anywhere you want, even community lots: specifically sims can cook actual foods on community lots instead of only having quick meals available to them.
  • Cook food from the bars, food trucks, concession stands, resort food stands as well as the child oven recipes: recipes such as Hot Wings, Clam Chowder, Marshmallow Bunny, the child oven cakes and cookies etc can now be cooked by sims if you download the Tuning file. (see the Extra Recipes section for details)
  • If you only chose ingredients from your sim's inventory, your sim will save the time and trouble of walking to the fridge and start cooking from the nearest counter/food processor instead (in this case they'll pull the starting food tray seemingly out of their inventory)
  • Vegetarian sims will react according to the ingredients used in a cooked dish instead of just the recipe (e.g. they'll become nauseous eating Autumn Salad made with steak for example, but will be fine eating Tri-tip Steak made only with vegetables).
  • Chosen ingredients will actually appear on the food tray at the start of cooking (NOTE: the ones that appear on the cutting board though are still completely determined by the recipe itself)

  • Rename your sims' cooked dishes anything you want. (This won't change the name of the recipe in your game, just the name of the particular serving of food made)
  • Any dish (not just Baked Angel Food Cake) cooked using Flame Fruit will appear flaming (NOTE: Horse Granola requires a high quality Flame Fruit)
  • Choosing herbs as ingredients when cooking a meal will automatically give the meal the effect of the strongest herb used. Similarly using honey as an ingredient when cooking a dessert automatically "sweetens" the dish up giving sims eating it the Life Is Sweet moodlet.
  • Horses can gain extra moodlets when eating Horse Granola cooked with either apples, carrots and or meat (!).
  • Each of the optional modules (Wood Fire Oven, Sauna, Teppanyaki Grill, Bakers Station) allows sims to cook their object specific recipes using ordinary stoves and grills so you no longer need to place the specific store object on your lot to cook them (you just won't get the additional perks like the wood oven moodlets). They also contain fixes to these recipes like correcting missing/mistyped ingredient requirements and recategorizes the pies, cobblers, cookies and cakes as desserts.
  • The Sauna module lets sims cook recipes other than Steamed Veggies using the Sauna. (NOTE: By default only Dim Sum is unlocked though you can add more recipes by editing the Tuning file, see the Extra Recipes section below)

Settings ( Updated 26-MAR-2016)

You can turn certain features of this mod on or off by pressing CTRL + Shift + C to bring up the cheats console and typing in any of the following custom cheat codes:

Cooking AskPermissionToCook true/falseTurn on/off the prompt asking for your permission whenever a selectable sim or butler tries to cook autonomously. If false, these sims will always be allowed to cook autonomously.
Cooking RenameFood true/falseTurn on/off the prompt asking you to rename a meal a (selectable) sim just cooked
Cooking AllowBuyFromStore true/falseTurn the option to buy any remaining required ingredients from the grocery via the fridge on or off. If false, ALL sims can ONLY cook using the ingredients from their inventory and fridge
Cooking ChangeFoodQuality true/falseWhether or not to readjust the quality of a meal if it was cooked with ingredients other than its standard recipe ingredients.
Cooking ShowRecipeMenu true/falsetrue -> Use the new pop-up menu to choose recipes; false -> Use the default pie menu to choose recipes.
Cooking ShowMissingIngredients true/falseWhether or not to display any required ingredients that are missing from the sim's inventory or the fridge in the recipe selection pop-up menu. (Default: true. When there are a large number of ingredients though, it is recommended to switch this to false if there is any noticeable lag when displaying the menu)
Cooking PromptNumServings true/falseWhether or not to prompt the player for the number of servings to make in a group serving. (Default: true)

*All cheats go by "Cooking" + Space + "..." + Space + "true" or "false" to turn the setting on or off.

*Edit the Tuning file using S3PE to change the default settings

*You can also view these in the list of cheats when typing "help" in the cheats console.

Extra Recipes

With the main mod + the Tuning file sims can also cook all of the following:
  • the Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake from the base game and the Forever Frosted Wedding Cake from Generations
  • all the children toy oven cakes, cupcakes and cookies from Ambitions
  • all bar foods (Hot Wings etc) and food truck recipes (Burrito etc) from Late Night
  • all concession stand foods (French Fries etc) from Seasons
  • all resort food stand foods (Chocolate-covered Pineapple Spear etc) from Island Paradise
  • the Happily Ever Frosted wedding cake from Monte Vista

If you can use S3PE to do some basic XML tuning of your own and would like to change the recipe requirements/ which recipes to borrow cooking processes from, read on for instructions:

If you've edited the Tuning file and are confident with the changes you've made and would like to distribute your version of it, feel free to do so with a link back to the main mod here (If you went ahead and created custom cooking process XML's for the extra recipes that would be even more awesome!)

End Notes

Built on patch 1.63 and tested on patches 1.63 to 1.67. Does not require any expansions

Regarding conflicts:
This is a script mod so will only possibly conflict with other script mods handling cooking interactions. It does NOT conflict with any NRaas mods. Regarding the following mods:

  • No Shopping from Fridge by ani_: The current version of this mod will not work with the version of the ani's mod provided here on MTS, you'll need the updated version of the No Shopping From Fridge hosted on the NRaas site.
  • Buzzler's Moar Interactions (which adds cooking interactions to fridges on community lots): No conflict, the interactions from both mods will appear on appliances in community lots if used together.
  • ANY of the Cooking/Ingredient Overhaul mods / ANY mod that adds new custom ingredients: No conflict. If you have a custom ingredient that can't be selected for cooking with this mod, it is likely that the ingredient was marked as non-edible by its creator i.e. the line "IsEdible>" line in the XML defining that ingredient has to be marked True, so you'll either have to make this change yourself or request for the creator to do so.

Since this mod replaces most of the game's default cooking interactions, it is only guaranteed safe to remove the mod if there are no sims cooking in your saved game otherwise there is a risk the save will not load. I suggest resetting all sims just before saving if you plan to remove the mod and/or installing NRaas ErrorTrap before loading a save after removing the mod which should help catch remaining errors and allow the game to load in case there is one. Also if you were using the main mod together with any of the optional packages remember to remove ALL of them if you plan to remove the main mod.

This mod is fully translatable You'll have to open the package using S3PE or NRaas Packer or s3se to see the English strings that require translation. Translations can be posted in the comments.

And finally, thanks as usual to the Jones' for S3PE (and s3se) and to everyone who's written a guide on script modding and answered my questions on them (AND to the translators and everyone who's been brave enough to try my mods so far )