Erin is here.

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Uploaded: 4th May 2014 at 8:28 PM
Updated: 30th Jul 2015 at 4:12 PM

This is Erin. Her ancestors are from Ireland, but she lives in America. Well, the "Deep South," actually
She is very smart, witty, and loves to prank her friends. However, she is also very shy.
...unless she witnesses an injustice. Then the red-headed demon breaks free to set things right.

I took pictures in several different lighting configurations to try and show her off the best I could.
I am really pleased with her face sculpt - she is my favorite sim so far! Her brother, pictured behind her in one shot, comes in a close second...

She is packaged with EAxis hair and clothes, but you may need the correct EP/SPs for them to show as pictured. I think the dress came with Nightlife, and the hair with University. But, when you load her in CAS, you can pick whatever clothes and hair you want.

Please see all the attached pictures

Custom Content by Me:
- Erin - Face preset

Custom Content Included:
- Syrendoft - Set 5 by Trapping on LJ
- FaceEFX_noserootEnhance by Miranda on LJ
- Blush_deserveme-four by jessi_dot on DW
- FaceEFX_MouthCornerV2 by Tifa @ MTS2 - but now is gone...
- FaceEFX_Eyelid03-GE by Ephemera/Teru-K @ MTS2
- FaceEFX_Eyebag-Step1-GE by Ephemera/Teru-K @ MTS2
- EyeEFX_Sclera_Pale by Anva @ MTS2
- Jamaican Sunset by
- EyeShadow-Bruno_prettywreck_syyssonaatti by Bruno @ MTS2
- Eyelashes_SoftLash_BsT by Anva @ MTS2
- Jelly Gloss - Sangria Splash by Bruno @ MTS2
- FaceFreckles_30 by jessi_dot on DW
- Skin_really quite crass LPCMB yaliza by Pooklet's Simblr

Additional Credits:
Thank you, creators, for making stuffeths that enhance my pixel dollies!
Creating sims wouldn't be any fun without your work.