Dementé Insanitarium - Following The Footsteps Of A Madman

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Dementé Insanitarium

Built in 1853 and deinstitutionalized in 1962, Dementé Insanitarium was named after the first owner and headmaster of the asylum, Vladmir Dementé, who passed down the right of the institution and kept it in the family for a couple generations, up until the last headmaster whom was not of family blood. The last Dementé to head the research at the asylum was named after his great grandpa, and mysteriously disappeared after over three decades of running the place. Nobody has stepped inside since the state closed it up, but if you are daring enough to venture inside, you may learn the secret of the disappearance of Vladmir Dementé.

This tomb is not really about puzzles like most tombs, it's more about exploring the entirety of the lot (which personally I think is like a big maze), as well as the telling of a story by following in the steps of a patient who planned to escape from the asylum. This place is huge, and uses gratuitous amount of custom content, so it might take your game a while to load it all, but in the end it is definitely worth it if you'd like to get creeped out and open up to your sense of adventure (there might also be a good amount of cash to find all around in there).

One extremely important thing about this tomb is that there are several rooms that I have rigged to lock you in. This means that you will be trapped until you die of starvation. THIS TOMB CAN KILL YOU. These rooms however are marked as tomb rooms but can be revealed without stepping foot in them. It would seem pretty obvious which rooms would lock you in once you get to them, but just in case you don't realize it or if you accidentally take a wrong turn, try to save often.

Let me know if there's something not working or if there's a part that you can't get past. I've tested again and again, every room on the lot, and it all should work!

A Few Pictures:


This lot requires ALL ELEVEN Expansion Packs, but absolutely no Stuff Packs.

As far as custom content goes, you'll need to go out and download and install all these. It may seem like a lot but each download adds to the authenticity and creepiness of the whole lot, inside and out.

CFP's Wall Ivy Set 1 -
CFP's Wall Ivy Set 2 -
aikea_guinea's Asylum Clutter -
Hekate999's Dr. Frankenstein Lab -
BuffSumm's All Access Wheelchair -
Hekate999's Hospital Set -
gelydh's Left 4 Dead Wall Writing Set -
Jezibomb's Country Stove For Community Lots -
skeletalscreams's Broken World -
aikea_guinea's Multi-Layerable Graffiti -
Around The Sims 3's Wall Mailboxes -

Lot Details:

Size - 64x64
Furnished - 500,258
Unfurnished - 200,855
Placement - This is not at all a requirement, but it was built in Moonlight Falls at 99 Horseshoe Bend, and fits in quite well there.

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price: 500,258

Custom Content Included:
- ivy wall branches 1 by CFP
- ivy wall creeper 1 by CFP
- ivy wall spread out 1 by CFP
- ivy wall mixed 1 by CFP
- ivy wall straight 1 by CFP
- ivy wall straight 2 by CFP
- graffiti by aikea_guinea
- wall deco & graffiti from left 4 dead by gelydh
- wall deco from left 4 dead by gelydh
- asylum signs by aikea_guinea
- asylum medical charts by aikea_guinea
- hospital curtains by Hekate999
- asylum floor overlay by aikea_guinea
- column1 by skeletalscreams
- column2 by skeletalscreams
- column3 by skeletalscreams
- column4 by skeletalscreams
- metalpipe7 by skeletalscreams
- metalpipe9 by skeletalscreams
- powerbox3 by skeletalscreams
- powerbox4 by skeletalscreams
- asylum bed by aikea_guinea

Additional Credits:
I really couldn't have made this place without all the research - TV shows, movies, documentaries, and websites

And definitely not without all the wonderful creators who made the custom content used in it.