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Borogove Apartments (NO CC)

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2014 at 12:34 PM
Borogove Apartments makes the most of small spaces and give your sims the feeling of perfectly kept suburbia without the hassle of running or owning a big household. Perfectly mowed lawns and trimmed hedges adorn these four colorful two-story units tailored-made to fit your well-to-do go-getters! Each unit includes a large upstairs bedroom with a closet, a bathroom, a kitchen-living room area, two garage spaces and a private patio. There's no place like Borogove Apartments for your sims to live out the dreams of independence and weekly BBQ's with all the neighbors from the block!

All apartments are identical in structure and basic furnishings (kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom closet).

Lot Size: 5x2
Lot Price: 1,425/per unit/per week