Maxis Made Over-Brandi Broke's Trailer-Two versions-No CC

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Uploaded: 30th May 2014 at 7:25 AM
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Brandi padded softly down the hall, nearly tripping over some scattered clothes and a toy xylophone. She bent down to pick them up, screaming as a cockroach scuttled from under the pile over her hand. Beau stirred a little in his crib nearby, but luckily didn’t wake up. Fumbling in the dark she made her way towards the kitchen, switching on the light to look at the time. More roaches ran here and there, disappearing under the ripped lino. Darn things, she would have to spray some more in the morning. Loud laughter from outside made her scowl and she folded her arms waiting for her son to open the door; this time he was going to be thoroughly grounded. The words she had ready dried in her throat as the ghostly apparition of her dead husband Skip floated through the door, reaching out dripping wet arms towards her.
Brandi woke with a start and clutched the crisp cotton sheets. Heart thumping she groped bedside the bed for her lamp and was comforted by the pink glow it gave her room. She knew it was just the nightmare, but she had to check on the boys. Beau’s room was still the same blue and the moonlight gleamed on his blond curls. Heart beating slower she made her way to Dustin’s room, where he also lay soundly sleeping. She dared to kiss his cheek, not something he would allow during the day. Leaving his room she went out the back, to breath in deeply the crisp night air scented by the lupin flowers. At peace once more she could finally go back to bed.

Welcome to the first of my Maxis makeovers, 55 Woodland Drive or Brandi Broke's trailer. In this and coming makeovers I will in most cases keep the footprint and exterior shape the same as I want the houses to be recognizable. I decided to make Brandi's trailer both up and down, so there are two versions, Nightmare and Dream. As you might have guessed from the little story, Brandi starts off in the nightmare trailer and then wakes up in the dream version. Which version does Brandi deserve? Brandi appears to be a pink loving, home baking, sweet family sim on the surface; but the murder of Skip is never explained and the original house does come with a small ladderless 'pool'. Skip was a romance sim and it's very possible Brandi found him with someone else and saw red, just like that bedroom, a bedroom that I think is decorated to Skip's tastes.

The original trailer

Nightmare version

You can enjoy torturing Brandi in the nightmare version, although it comes free of roaches.

Dream version
If you feel Brandi is innocent of Skip's murder and deserves a nice life insurance pay out, you can move her into the dream trailer. I made this one over the way I thought Brandi would like, with plenty of pink, flowers and a nice kitchen to bake in. I redesigned the floor plan to make the most of the available space. Everyone has their own bedroom and the toilet is separate from the bathroom. Once the unborn baby comes, his crib could be put where the change table is and the change table moved to the hallway. The only room not decorated by Brandi was Dustin's room, he decorated that himself. I'm sure Brandi would rather not see it, but you have to give some when your child becomes a teenager.

Interesting fact: 55 Woodland Drive is the only lot to have road access on two sides. This means it will only fit on a corner.

Note: I restored the original lot from the lot catalog using the method here
The Goodies tested copies of both lots
No sims have lived in either lot.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: $21,980 - $52,216

Additional Credits:
Numenor for Any Game Starter
Mootilda for turn on/off all lights.