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(UPDATE: 31-JUL-2016) The Professional Juice Bar Mod

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2014 at 8:17 PM
Updated: 30th Jul 2016 at 5:44 PM - Mod Update


  • Sims won't autonomously try to make drinks at a bar being used by another sim
  • Fixed a problem in the previous version causing sims to not gain mixology skill when practicing on juice bars
  • The interaction to enable/disable professional bar interactions has been renamed to Professional Bar... > Enable/Disable and no longer requires translation

28-JUN-2016: Moonlighting sims will no longer be paid double when NRaas Overwatch is installed. The cheat to enable/disable interactions for all bars at once has been shortened to to Bartending enableAll/disableAll

Mod Description

This mod adds all professional bar interactions and features to regular juice bars so you can fully make use of the wide selection of them in the catalog instead of being restricted to the same two professional bars from Late Night all the time.

Not only can your sims practice their mixology skill and make more than just quick drinks on all bars with this mod, juice bars on community lots can be assigned mixologists, which saves you from having to replace every juice bar with a professional one in all those bar/club/pub wannabe lots every default EA world besides Bridgeport seems to have.


  • The following professional bar interactions can be enabled on juice bars with the mod:

  • The option to Enable/Disable Professional Bar interactions is added to all juice bars and lets you enable/disable the above mentioned interactions per juice bar.
  • By default, all juice bars on Residential lots ONLY will have these interactions enabled on them when you first install the mod. The way the mod works enabling the interactions for juice bars on a community lot will cause the game to assign a mixologist to the bar, but I'm guessing not everyone might appreciate this if they had many juice bars on different lots all over their world, so I have them disabled on community lots by default and you can enable them on the bars you want as you see fit.
  • If you only want to use the professional bar interactions on a juice bar on a community lot but don't want a mixologist assigned to it, you will need the NRaas Register mod to disable the assignment after enabling the interactions with this mod.
  • Other features:
    • The Order Drink interaction (for both professional and juice bars) is split and arranged by drink type so you can tell what type a drink is when ordering.
    • The interaction to have/make mood drinks on professional bars (as well as juice bars if enabled) which is restricted to residential lots by default can now be used on community lots now as long as the bar is not being tended.
    • Added the Order Nectar interaction to all professional bars (and juice bars if enabled) which EA left out for some reason (requires the bar to be stocked with a nectar bottle)
    • Drinks can now be stored in bars and sim inventories. Just drag and drop them with the mouse cursor like you would any other object (to do this on a bar, use the Stock Bar interaction to open a bar's inventory first). Note: This cannot be done initially when the drinks are first made and still attached to a tray, so I've added the following two custom interactions to the drinks (click on the glass not the tray):
      • Put In Inventory: makes your sim pick up the entire tray and puts all the glasses into their inventory
      • Stock Bar (ONLY visible if you're using the Stock Bar interaction on any bar to view its inventory): instantly puts all the drinks on the tray into the open bar's inventory
      Once either of these are performed, the drinks can be dragged and dropped freely, and your sims can choose to drink them directly from their inventories.
    • Added a custom cheat Bartending enableAll/disableAll (used in the cheats console, requires testingcheatsenbaled true first) which lets you enable/disable the professional bar interactions on ALL juice bars in the world at one go.

Known Issues
  • Since all these interactions still use animations specifically designed for professional bars, not all of them fit the juice bars 100%. In particular some of the drink making ones and the bar tending ones don't play that well with juice bars. I've done what I can short of editing the animation files themselves to ensure sims don't distort (too badly) when using them, but don't be too surprised if you catch a floating shaker or a slightly stretchy bartender somewhere...
  • When enabling interactions on juice bars on community lots the NRaas Register menu (if you use that mod) does not immediately appear on the bar for you to set/remove/disable roles on the bar. Entering Edit Town OR Build/Buy mode on the lot and then back to live mode OR saving and reloading should get them to appear if you need them.
  • For newly placed lots from the library, the new interactions will only appear once you've either entered Buy/Build mode on the lot OR saved and reloaded the game at least once

If you do find any other glitches/issues (animation related or otherwise) be sure to inform me via the comments.

End Notes

Built/Tested on patch 1.67. Requires Late Night

IMPORTANT: Should you wish to uninstall the mod, please disable the pro bar interactions on ALL juice bars in the game before saving, quitting and removing the mod, or you run the risk of the saved game not loading without the mod. Use the Bartending disableAll cheat (requires testingcheatsenabled true first) as a quick and surefire way to do so.

Translations: Current version no longer needs translations. Accepting translations for the following:
  • Enable Professional Bar interactions
  • Disable Professional Bar interactions

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to the Jones' for S3PE and to the people on the NRaas forum for the testing, feedback and modding help