Lace dreams: lolita blouse and skirt

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2014 at 1:27 PM
Updated: 11th Oct 2014 at 4:17 PM
On and off for years I have been working on a project to bring lolita, a Japanese street fashion to The Sims 3. I am a lolita myself and I wanted to combine my love for this amazing fashion with the crazy creativity of cc-making for sims. A lot of work has been put in to creating the custom meshes that are quite "out there" with the big poofy skirt and all the ruffles but I think it turned out nice! After this journey of ups and downs I am happy to present the first installations in this project: A basic frilly lolita blouse and a cute ruffly lolita skirt that work together beautifully. These are separates and will show up in tops respectively bottoms.

  • Is for adult and young adult females
  • Found in everyday and formal wear. Available for random.
  • Blouse has 3 recolourable channels (base, lace, bows)
  • Skirt has 4 recolourable channels (base, lace, buttons, bows/ribbons)
  • All morph-states (fat, thin, fit) except maternity are usable
  • Lod 2 and 3 are also included for both the skirt and blouse.
  • Separates with custom thumbnails for easy finding in CAS.

Blouse + skirt worn together

Features a peterpan collar with lace, heart buttons, gathered sleeves and 3D ruffles that fit perfectly over the skirt. Worn here wirthout the skirt. See detail shots in the attached images.

Has the iconic lolita knee length bell shape, lace, 3D ruffles and 3D bows. It also has a neat waistband, which won't be visable if your sims wear it with the blouse. See attachments for more detailed pics. (Will also work with my long sleeved lolita blouse set

That's all! I hope you like it

Polygon Counts:
Blouse: 3235
Skirt: 1596

Additional Credits:
-Skin, makeup, contacts, lashes: S-club
-Brows, eyeshadow: Elexis
-Hair: Anubis retuxtures, NewSea retexture by Sims Hairs, Skysims

I also want to thank all the people here on MTS that have helped me through the years, you're awesome