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UnBeauty Parlor-Update for Babies!

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2014 at 10:38 AM
Updated: 5th Oct 2014 at 1:31 AM - added in baby age compatibility
*UPDATE* 8.17.14 - Silly me, I figured out how to enable many of these effects for babies too. Now Sims of all ages can have unique effects for their faces. In particular, I enabled the effects used by toddlers for babies. This means that the following folders have been updated: Freckles, Beauty Marks, Facial Details, and Eyelashes.

To use these on babies, you will need a modded object that allows you to make changes to a baby's appearance. I use the Sim Blender by twojeffs.

Custom baby hair and clothes by Theraven at moonlightdragons. Registration required.

Original Blurb

Welcome to SleppyTabby's UnBeauty Parlor! Are your Sims suffering from flawless skin? Are they immune to the effects of aging and stress? Want them to undergo pro-aging treatment? Well, happy days! You've stumbled to the right place!

Here at SleepyTabby's UnBeauty Parlor, we specialize in making Sims look special and unique. And we are more than willing to share our trade secrets and heck, we'll even throw all our tools in, for FREE. Yes, you heard us folks. You can have all this with the simple click of a button.

But what is "all this"? Why is it unbeautiful? And when will this post stop frustrating spell checks with its made-up vocabulary? Who knows about that last one, but here's what you can find in this packaged deal. Multi-wearable, layer-able facial effects. All of these, save for the wrinkles, are available for all ages and both genders.

Click the button for the gory details of what's in this upload. Go on, I dare you.

Don Jr., who looks kind of big to be a toddler, says he can't wait to grow up and be a womanizer like his pa with features like these. Meanwhile, Wilira was so excited, she transformed into a child just to try these out.

Poor Randy, though. She felt kind of self-conscious, being at a delicate teen age, but one day she'll appreciate her natural beauty.

Whereas Mohn gave up his lifetime dream of selling faucets just to look more sophisticated. Wrinkles sure give a man character. He also proved not everyone has noticeable eyelashes...since I ironically forgot to give him any.

With how long it took to model for all the swatches, Nain found himself an elder, with some more miles on his face and a scar from when the camera impaled him.

You can find all these questionably wonderful products right here, under the Download tab. They've been kindly separated into different folders and files are clearly labeled, so you only have to grab what you want.

Nitpick details: Some of these overlays don't look good on all skintones. On some shades of skin, you can scarcely even see them. Many of these effects were intended to be subtle, so it's inevitable that they may not be easy to see. The scars, in particular, can be difficult to perceive, mostly because I wanted them to be far more subtle than other scar overlays I've seen up for download. Other times, they will look too obvious or look like dirt was splattered on the Sim's face. Take a look at Dark Freckles and check out the light-skinned girl to see what I mean.

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Body Shop, Maxis, The Compressorizer, Paintshop Pro X6, and all the tutorials here on MTS that have taught me so much of what I know about creating for The Sims 2.

Lastgale, for his helpful suggestions on what kind of overlays to make.

I don't believe the models are wearing any custom content from other creators (just unreleased stuff by me), but if you notice something that somehow sneaked in there, please let me know and I'll provide appropriate credit. EDIT: Duh, that little redheaded girl is using a hair mesh by Cazy, retextured by me. You can find his/her original here.