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Casual Fridays--Supernatural Jacket Edit. Base Game Compatible!

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2014 at 1:47 AM
Updated: 5th Jul 2014 at 3:22 PM
While in-game checking out guy's tops again, I noticed the Supernatural Jacket with the cardigan, and wondered why I don't use it more. Then I looked at the arms. D'oh! The sleeves are lopsided! Makes my OCD flare right up! And then there was the issue of the cardigan--the original, while nice, wasn't particularly versatile thanks to those horizontal ribs. Then I saw the gray patches on the back--WTF were those and why couldn't they be recolored? (They turned out to be stencils. ... seriously?!)

So ... yeah. I did a bit of retexturing work and came up with something that I think is a lot more in line with clothes your average dude would probably wear. Original jacket is on the left, my version is on the right.

Top is an edit of a Supernatural jacket, but it is base game compatible and you will not need the EP to use it. This jacket WILL NOT replace the Supernatural jacket, so you can use both in your game. You will need to be patched to at least 1.63.

Top has three channels and is available in everyday, formal, and outerwear. It is available for random Sims.

Polycounts are 4046 for LOD1, 2002for LOD2, and 996 for LOD3. All morphs (except pregnancy) are included.


Polygon Counts:
4046 -- LOD1
2002 -- LOD2
996 -- LOD3

Additional Credits:
CatofEvilGenuis, without the normal smoothing program this project would have gone straight into the trash.
CMarNYC's meshing toolkit--projects like this would be so much harder without it!
TSR Workshop
And everyone who takes time to look and support. Thank you!