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Interaction on sloped terrain enabler

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2014 at 2:47 PM
Updated: 10th Jun 2020 at 7:07 PM
Often, I command my Sim to chat with someone at a beautiful park. The park has uneven terrain and the Sim is over there on the slope. So my Sim proceeds to approach, adjusts their position, steps backward, steps sideways, steps forward, steps backward, and drops the queue because apparently they're not smart enough to talk on a slightest slope. I always hate this behavior, and I'm sure you all do.

This mod enables Sims to perform most interactions on sloped terrains.

The possible interaction examples are socializing, playing catch, using laptop on ground, and flying around with jetpack (no, you can't fly around on uneven terrain without this mod). I haven't tried ALL interactions on a slope, such as kissing, flirting, giving gifts, and so on. They might or might not be enabled in this mod, but you may just try it yourselves. If it works, then good! If it doesn't, then oh well. Try hitting them on at a different place.

Technical information

Minor issues
  1. Even though jigs can now be placed on slope, it won't slant. This means that for large jigs (like playing catch) on an extreme terrain, Sims might either float or sink underground. This is just a minor visual issue and harmless.
  2. Sometimes, interaction between two Sims might not match really well if they're at different heights. Probably, if two Sims kiss on a slope, their lips won't meet.
  3. Okay, this one is not an issue, but... it's pretty dangerous for a horse to do this here.

This mod will conflict with any mods that modifies OBJD files of the following resources. I never knew any mods that modify jig OBJDs before, but this is just so that you're aware of it:
Reminder: this is a long list!

This mod is made with patch 1.67. To use it, just put it in your Mods folder.

You might notice on the list that the mod also includes jigs from various EPs. It's okay if you don't have any of these EPs installed. The mod will still work.

Additional Credits:
Peter & Inge Jones for S3PE World used in the screenshots is Rendalen Builders and Vacation world DIY by Volvenom