Taxi Charge Mod (Updated Oct 16)

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2014 at 4:13 PM
Updated: 16th Oct 2015 at 2:28 PM
2015-10-16: Translations added.
  • Norwegian - Normandy
  • Swedish - Sweden
  • Updated Translation Donor list
  • Updated TaxiCharge_Strings file

Mod Function
With this mod, your sims will be charged for Taxi rides. Your sim will call a taxi, pay the fee accordingly, and continue to their destination as usual.

Is your sim addicted to riding taxis? Have you had enough of their free rides? Do you think Sailor Moon is the best anime ever?

Well, you're in luck!

Starting today, you can now charge your sims for their precious taxi rides. That's right! Surprise them like giving your cat their first bath. They will love it for sure! So whenever they call for a taxi, they will charged a fee every time.

This is a full script custom mod that took forever to code, so I'm sure it will be downloaded with love.

How It Works
This code is activated whenever a sim calls or uses a taxi.
  • If the sim has money to cover the fee, then the sim is charged, money will be taken out of the sim's household fund, and given a positive notification before proceeding.
  • If the sim does not have money to cover the fee, then the sim's charge will be added to the sim's unpaid household bills and given a negative notification, then the taxi will proceed.

To be fair to everyone, there are different fees for each age group.

Age GroupDefault FeeTuning DescriptionFees Changeable in Tuning
Young Adult/Adult20Base FeeYes
Elder50% of Base FeeElder Discount FeeYes
Teen70% of Base FeeTeen Discount FeeYes
Child30% of Base FeeChild Discount FeeYes

To have the children use the taxi, they must be grouped with a teen or older. Otherwise, they will use their default bike taxi. Still testing this.

I did not want everyone to pay the same fee. In the real world, there are discounts for the age groups.
If the base fee is 20 simoleons, Elders will pay 50% (10 simoleons), Teens will pay 70% (14 simoleons), and Children will pay 30% (6 simoleons).
You can change the Base fee and the discount percentages in the XML file (inside of the package).

When and if you change the discount percent prices, DO NOT ADD PERCENT SYMBOLS or it will not work.

To watch a live demo of this mod for those in disbelief, YouTube is our friend, sometimes.

Jae reviewed this mod on his channel. Great review! Thank you so much!

To change the values of the fees, you can edit the XML file in the package.
To do so, you can refer to this link.

How to translate this mod?
  • Download the TaxiCharge_Strings file and unzip it.
  • Select the text file you wish to translate and edit.
    • {0.String} = sim's full name.
    • {1.String} = sim's fee.
  • PM me with your translation, and I will update the mod with the new translation.
  • Simple, yes?

Thank you, Translation Donators!

Languages TranslatedTranslator(s)
01: Chinese (Simplified)
02: Taiwanese (Traditional Chinese)
03: Czechminarovakaja
04: DanishAdamhoijer
05: DutchPerensausje, Teddz0r
00: EnglishSleepy-Genius
06: FinnishTraveler x
07: Frenchcinthila
08: Greek
09: GermanIPatGamer
0A: Hungarianhzoli96
0B: Italianfedekiko
0C: Japanese
0D: Korean
0E: Norwegianwecanworkitout
0F: Polishanie_1981
11: Portuguese (Brazilian)Gaaabs
10: Portuguese (Standard/European)Stranger
12: Russianscoundrel
14: Spanish (Standard/European)EleazarAm7, gamer1616
13: Spanish (Mexican)gamer1616
15: Swedishkrooooon, LimeSims3
16: Thai

To install, delete the script package file in your Sims 3 folder, and place mod in your Packages folder, somewhere.

There are no known conflicts with this mod as of now. If you come across a bug, just squash it, or just tell me and I will do my best to correct it.

More Info
Base Game Compatible.
Patch: 1.67
Game Tested: I have tested with all games installed (except the Katy Perry and Movie Stuff - did not want to buy), and had a small testing party with random people whom I lured with free money friendship.
Warning: No stealing, lying, cheating on your llama-wife, and eating other people's food without proper inspection.

This mod would not be possible if not for my friend, SucialSpiders, who wanted a taxi charge in the game. I have finished this in your honor.

Ms. Byte (CmarNYC). I know, you know, we all know how many times I have said 'Thank you' to you while creating this. If not for your guidence and forcing me to relearn a language that has been dead in my head for so long, I would not have finished this mod. I honestly would have just given it to you. Thank you once again (not the last time).

For the other people who have tested this mod and have given advice, Thank You for your services. Your sims game will love you.

Last but not least, my computer. Because you held out until the end, or until I replaced your battery. You are the best thing ever. Let's watch Sailor Moon sometime, yes?

Additional Credits:
S3PE, MS Visual Studio 2010, ILSpy, Modding tutorials from ModTheSims, Diabetes medicine, Panda Express...