Seconds Meals Part 2: Sloppy Seconds, Seafood chowder,& Breakfast Calzone

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Seconds Meals: Part 2

This is part 2 of the “Seconds Meals”. I will share 3 more meals from the seconds culinary legacy as of now. Maybe in the future, I will share more meals with you all. Below are the new additions to your sims fridge.

Seconds Breakfast Calzone- A calzone that is made by the passionate hands of the seconds family member. Your sims will get their experience of tasting the homemade breakfast. The Seconds Calzone is made with Ham, Green Onion, Sharp Cheddar cheese, and fluffy scrambled egg.

Details: To find this meal, you must search fridge or oven for the tabs “ Serve Seconds Meal” or “Have Seconds Meal” during breakfast hours. The Breakfast Calzone is cloned from Lobster Thermidor and requires a cooking skill of 10.

Null Model-1
Package- 620
Prepare cutting board-688

Rodrick Jr. Seafood Chowder- Rodrick Jr. loves to seafood meals. One of his popular dishes is his “Seafood Chowder”. This seafood chowder is packed with chunky potatoes, crab meat, clam, shrimp, thyme, and onion.

Details: This meal is cloned from macaroni and cheese and requires no skill to make. To find this meal, you must search the fridge during Lunch or Dinner hours. This meal will be found in the “Serve Seconds meal or Have Seconds Meal” tabs.

(Poly Count)

Null Model-1
Prepare cutting board-584
Cook In Pot-36
Prep bowl-36
Food tray-370
In Plate-868

Sloppy Seconds-A perfect meal for the weekend. The Sloppy Seconds meal is a dish served at Malerie's diner. Sims all over love to visit Malerie's diner just to chomp into the Sloppy Second. The Sloppy Second is a sloppy joe made from the unique sauce created by Malerie. Along side of the Sloppy Second, your sims will get a serving of baked beans and cole slaw.

Details: This meal is served during lunch and dinner hours. You will find this meal in the “Serve Seconds Meal/Have Seconds Meal” tab of your sims fridge or oven. The Sloppy Seconds meal requires barely any cooking skill and is cloned from spaghetti.

(Poly Count)

Null Model-1
Prepare cutting board-890
Cook In Pot-36
Prep bowl-36
Food tray-628
In Plate-790

Additional Credits:
I would like to give thanks to SIMPE, Adobe Photoshop, Google and Yahoo Images, and MilkShape 3D. I would also like to thank Gazifu for their wonderful simlish fonts.