**Update - Fixed!! Please Re-download!!** Toddler Age-up Grammar Fix

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2014 at 2:16 AM
Updated: 26th Aug 2014 at 3:59 PM - Incomplete .package file
Doh...I just realized only one half (male) STBL was changed. That's embarrassing. I've fixed it now, so please re-download if you want it to work for males and females

I don't know if this grammar error bothered anyone but me, but I've always hated the the pop-up text when toddlers age up. It says "During his/her modest early development..." etc. This mod is a simple STBL edit to fix the grammar so that it says "Due to his/her modest early development".

Two STBLs have been overridden:
0xDF354BF5B292575B (for male text)
0x2BA7E8B29B3C3142 (for female text)

They were created with a unique instance, and should not conflict with any other mod. Unless you have a mod editing those STBLs, which would make it very silly for you to use this mod

Additional Credits:
Created with S3PE