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Quaint Add-Ons & Recolours

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Uploaded: 15th Aug 2014 at 9:08 AM
Updated: 24th Nov 2018 at 8:09 AM
Updated to fix a small meshing flaw in the double bed. I have replaced the double bed in the original zip files as well as added a separate zip file, containing the fixed double bed only. Many thanks to AnimaRussa, for pointing the flaw out to me.

Anima-Sims (AKA AnimaRussa) has made a default replacement of the Caress of Teak single bed, using my Quaint Single Bed; and slaved the double bed to it, you can find them HERE.

At the suggestion of Psychosim I have added cross bars between the legs of the Bar Stool. Files have been replaced. Thank you Psychosim. ♥

Those of you familiar with SimFused Tiny Treasures will be aware that I made additional pieces for Tiny Treasures Part ll - The Quaint Set, Debra (HeartDeco) suggested at the time that I make them full size. As a surprise for Debra, I've been working on them and am now ready to share them with everyone.

It's a little complicated but here goes...the end table, 2 tile coffee table and 1 tile coffee table are all slaved to the 'Home Office Desk by Quaint Design'. The 1 tile dining table, dining chair and bar stool are all slaved to 'The Talking Table'. The single bed is slaved to the double bed and the bedding for both beds is slaved to the EA/Maxis bedding.

Okay, that's the meshes sorted out, now to the recolours. I've recoloured the Counter Culture "Surface" in the 4 Quaint colours and pine to match The Talking Table top also recoloured the Talking Table in solid Quaint colours and Pine. Added 4 recolours of the Home Office Desk by Quaint Design, without the flowers and a pine with flowers. Recoloured the "Anti-Quainted-Ed" Ltd. Ed. Armoire in matching colours (with and without the flowers). I think that's it, oops! nearly forgot the OFB "Anti-Quainted-Ed" Medium Ltd. Ed. Armoire recolours to match, with and without the flowers.

These are base game compatible - no EP's or SP's required...except the "Anti-Quainted-Ed" Medium Ltd. Ed. Armoire which requires OFB.

Quaint Double Bed:
Cloned From: Cheap Eazzzzze Morrissey Double Bed.
Found: Buy Mode > Comfort > Beds Price: §650.

Quaint Single Bed:
Cloned From: Caress of Teak Bed.
Found: Buy Mode > Comfort > Beds Price: §450.

Quaint End Table:

Cloned From: Cornerstone "Sentinel" End Table.
Found: Buy Mode > Surfaces > End Tables Price: §250.

Quaint Coffee Table 1x2:
Cloned From: Ad-a-Quaint Coffee Table.
Found: Buy Mode > Surfaces > Coffee Tables Price: §140.

Quaint Coffee Table 1x1:
Cloned From: "End-to-End" Table.
Found: Buy Mode > Surfaces > Coffee Tables Price: §135.

Quaint Dining Table 1x1:
Cloned From: NuMica Allinall Card Table.
Found: Buy Mode > Surfaces > Dining Tables Price: §95.

Quaint Dining Chair:

Cloned From: Tea Party in Teak.
Found: Buy Mode > Comfort > Dining Chairs Price: §100.

Quaint Bar Stool:
Cloned From: The Sumptuous Brasserie Barstool.
Found: Buy Mode > Comfort > Miscellaneous Price: §180.

Files have been compressed and checked in game. Colour charts are included in the zip files.

Polygon Counts:
Sorry, a little high because of all the curvy bits.
Quaint Double Bed = 4452
Quaint Single Bed = 3368
Quaint End Table = 612
Quaint Coffee Table 1x2 = 1468
Quaint Coffee Table 1x1 = 1416
Quaint Dining Table 1x1 = 1382
Quaint Dining Chair = 2313
Quaint Bar Stool = 2313

Additional Credits: SimPE - CEP - GIMP - Milkshape - UV Mapper - The Compressorizer - Maxis/EA Games and MTS.
Also a big hug and thanks to HugeLunatic because to save time I took a look at her Caress of Teak Double Bed and copied how she made the single bed into a double.