Teen and Adult career: Nobility (HRR)

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Hi. This time I bring you a career for your noble and/or medieval Sims.

edit: I fixed the icons for all my careers. Thanks to lientebollemeis for showing me how.

The career is based on the Holy Roman Empire of the 13th century, so King and Emperor refer to Roman-German monarchs, but it should also work for other realms, like the Kingdom Simland or whatever.

I know that there already exist some nobility careers but they're just simple lists of titles, sometimes even in the wrong order, and most of them start with peasant, what makes it very incredulous to become a king or just a lord. So this is in fact a medieval career that could have happened, maybe not for one person, but in two or three generations and except the fact that I've added female job titles, so that, if you don't care about authenticity, your female Sims can discover this career, too.

All levels have chance cards. The complete career is now available in German and English. Questions, comments and corrections are very welcome. I hope you like it.

Detailed job descriptions:

Chance Cards (Examples)

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SimPe, Bidous career editor

Age: Teen Adult Elder
Career Type: Historical
Chance cards: All

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