Toddler Dress Up -- Two Generations Outfit Conversions! Base Game Compatible!

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2014 at 12:39 PM
For some reason, I almost never use the costumes in Generations on my child sims, but I thought they might be cute for toddlers, so I decided to attempt a conversion of a couple of them. It came out okay. :D

Both outfits are fully animated and work with a crawling or walking toddler. Both have some issues that are related to bone assignments. The dress will substantially sink under the floor if your toddler crawls, and your toddler's arms will go through the dress while they are sitting on the floor. The dino tail and knees will also sink into the floor if your toddler sits to play with a toy.

I also noticed while testing the dress that the toddler's index fingers are slightly warped and that the ankles leave a bit of a hole in the dress if you are looking at the toddler from behind. I wasn't entirely sure if moving body parts around to compensate was a great idea, but if I find a way to resolve the issues, I'll reupload.

The Dino Outfit is found in everyday, sleepwear, and outerwear. The Princess Gown is found in everyday and formal. Both are valid for random Sims.


Polygon Counts:
Dino Outfit:
LOD1 2592 polygons, 1730 vertices
LOD2 1210 polygons, 1100 vertices
LOD3 602 polygons, 539 vertices

Dino Hat:
LOD0 924 polygons, 666 vertices
LOD1 498 polygons, 434 vertices
LOD2 250 polygons, 278 vertices
LOD3 150 polygons, 205 vertices

Princess Outfit:
LOD1 3565 polygons, 2574 vertices
LOD2 1704 polygons, 1539 vertices
LOD3 801 polygons, 881 vertices

Additional Credits:
Many thanks are due to CMarNYC, for the wonderful Mesh Toolkit that makes work like this possible, and as always, everyone who takes time to look and support. Thank you!