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Heritage Collegiate Institute

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2014 at 1:28 AM
As I adore the architecture of heritage/historical buildings, I decided to try my hand with this one. It has meaning for me as my youngest attended this school a few years ago. And no, I'm not that old!! LOL This is a re-creation of the real world school.

The history of this building: It was constructed as a high school between 1906/1907. It functioned in this capacity until 1974 when it was converted to an elementary school. It is still in use today which made it all the more interesting for me. The architecture is a Georgian/Italianate style which is fun to capture in the game!

The game build includes classrooms for different grades, a music class, art class, science lab, kindergarten class, main office, cafeteria, library, playground, soccer pitch, and of course the all-important underground rabbithole.

This school was built for storytelling appeal as well as being game functional. It also replaced the horrid school in Appaloosa Plains!

It has been fully play tested but if you find something I missed, please comment and let me know

Lot was made with one item of custom content, the blackboards. This is included but the link is also below.

Store items used:

Learn your Sim-E-Zees - Free

Sizzle Baby Pro Deep Fryer

Rim Rockin’ Basketball Hoop

Souped Up Napkin Holder

Le Cirque Esprit- Perfect Pony Carousel Spring Rider

Let the Sunshine in Window

Fantasy Activity Table

Smooth Cruise

Expansion/Stuff Packs: Pets, University Life, World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, Seasons, Generations, and Outdoor Living.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Lot Size: 64x62
Lot Price: 234000

Custom Content Included:
- Blackboard by Around the Sims 3