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Set of Five Exotic Wood Walls

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2014 at 5:46 PM
Set of Five Exotic Wood Walls *

From a simple vertical Fir wall (above), to 4 crazy Bamboos (below) these 5 walls will have you covered - in natural, neutral, nature-ific bliss! LOL!

Above is Zebra Bamboo

Here is another exotic bamboo...

....and this is Tiger Bamboo (my favorite!)

Please scroll through the pictures at the top of the post to see all 5 walls.
They can be found under Paneling; and cost $4

* No actual trees were harmed in the making of these panels. Textures from various free sources on the web.

Pssst - The fabu carpet used in my screenshots is made for HugeLuatic by Sesame, and can be found HERE at Sims2Artists.

Additional Credits:
Thanks EAxis and MTS2!
And, to the makers of SimPE, Homecrafter, and Photoshop