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Simmington - A Tiny, Artificial Island City; Simplanet's Last Hope!

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 14th Sep 2014 at 6:40 PM
Updated: 27th Dec 2019 at 4:43 AM
Things weren't going well on Simplanet. Actions of the population had rendered much of the land uninhabitable. Thus, a last ditch effort to create livable spaces was made - self contained, man-made islands with all the features needed to attempt to re-populate the world. Simmington was the first artificial island - a beautiful city with mostly modern architecture and some traditional buildings to help the residents honor their past. Unfortunately, a criminal element managed somehow to bribe their way in marring a small section of the city. Will you help the other residents of Simmington drive out the criminals or join in their nefarious deeds?

Simmington is a tiny map set as a city with Bridgeport water and skies. It is oriented so that the sun rises over the city center. There are no suburbs here; only city houses and apartments! All lots have street addresses. Simmington has a swimmable and fishable sea inlet with waterfall. It is NOT populated.

Included are several fog emitter effects on lots so - as with all custom worlds - you'll have to open the world, save the world, and then play the saved version to enjoy the effects.

There is no custom content in Simmington. World was checked with CUSTARD.

So sorry, I discovered one Store item on the City Center lot - the "Maid o' Meter" parking meter. It was part of the free "Fiesta Urban Streetscape" set and appears to no longer be available so I cannot provide a link. Please let me know if it causes any issues and I will re-upload the lot without the parking meter.

Simmington requires all expansions through Pets (World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, and Pets). It may work without some expansions but could look different. Late Night is definitely required for bars, subways, street lights, and apartments. The Hanging Library, Palm Futuristic Lounge, and Rudolph's Second Hand Emporium use items from the HEL stuff pack. Some lots were noted to use Fast Lane items. However, I don't have Fast Lane so items were replaced by proxies. Playability of lots has not been affected.

Gem, metal, seed, snake, butterfly, small bird, beetle, lizard, turtle, rodent, and fishing spawners are included in logical places. The unicorn spawns at Research Center Robo Reservoir. Supernatural's Weather Gnome spawns in the middle of Simmington City Center but can easily be moved to in front of the Bistro. See picture in Comment for Simmington City Center.

Simmington has 4 layers: Lots, Objects, Plants Trees, and Spawners Effects.

The camera cannot route near the edges of the map by the waterfall. Sims cannot route through flowerbeds/plantings or near the waterfall.

Only in-game terrain paints were used so that players can alter lots if they want to. Simmington is contained in one "chunk". A total of 15 terrain textures were used in Simmington so there are more than 8 textures per chunk. However, this does not seem to affect world performance.

Simmington features some MTS lots - all used with permission and/or according to the creator's policies. Lots were altered only to remove any CC or as necessary to blend with the world. Items were added to a few lots to improve the playability of the world. Changes are noted with the credits.

Patch level: 1.67

Community Lots (28):
Simmington City Center (64x64) - Public Services Office, Theater, Bookstore, Spa, Stadium, Bistro, Subway Rabbitholes; Food truck, coffee pots, juice bar, chess tables, easels, telescopes, and musical instruments
Subway Station (10x10) - Subway Rabbithole
Landgraab Industries Bldg. (25x35) - Business Complex and Restaurant Rabbithole
Pleasant Education Center (41x25) - School Rabbithole and Playground
Pet World (15x20) - Pet Store
Research Center Robo Reservoir (14x20) - Fishing Spot with Chemistry Lab Station
Simmington Research Center (40x22) - Science Facility Rabbithole
Simmington Salvage (7x25) - Junkyard with Workbench
Outstanding Citizen (25x25) - Criminal Warehouse Rabbithole
Food 4 Sims (25x14) - Grocery Store Rabbithole
Sim Sonic Diner (20x11) - Boxcar Diner Rabbithole
Memorial Gardens (22x11) - Graveyard with Vampire Lounge
Open Lot (25x30) - Under construction lot with Food truck
Simmington General Hospital (33x30) - Hospital and Hogan's Diner Rabbitholes
Fire Pit Park (5x5) - Small Park
Carmine Exclusive Lounge, no CC by el_flel (20x25) - Exclusive Lounge with Food truck
Helen's Company of Style - A Glamorous Salon [No CC] by Klemens (20x30) - Salon (Subway added)
The Hanging Library by BGatot (30x30) - Library (Drawing table and wallpaper inside support posts added)
Riverview Plaza Gardens by verdant_amphibian (10x30) - Small Park (Wedding Arches added)
The Hanover Street Fire House (Station # 3) by JadedSidhe (30x25) - Fire Station
Vista Alegre Gym by delry (32x40) - Gym (Martial Arts equipment added)
Palm Futuristic Lounge by Black Zekrom (20x20) - Fusion Lounge (changed trees)
Ready & Set Laundry Store (No CC) by RomerJon17 (20x20) - Laundromat
Skyway Gallery by iArtiket (25x22) - Art Gallery (cleaned up some floating ceiling tiles)
Smaller Plumbob Pictures Backlot by Laimeniel (40x40) - Movie Set
Rudolph's Second Hand Emporium (No CC) by wormwoodz (20x30) - Consignment Store with Subway
Garden of Eden - UPDATED by armiel (30x25) - Small Park (garden plants, seed spawners, and more fishing spawners added)
Madison Park | A Fountain Park by ladymumm (9x30) - Small Park

Residential Lots (16) (many are starters):
Burb Place (25x25) - 3 bedroom, 2 bath two-story apartment
Simmington Heights (10x15) - 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment building with choice of 4 apartments (just move markers)
10x10 Modern Apartment (10x10) - 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment
Into the Future (10x10) - 1 bedroom, 1 bath house with bonus room (could be another bathroom, bedroom, nursery, study, or laundry)
Curious Tower (25x25) - 2 bedroom (1 bedroom with bunk beds and crib), 2 bath apartment with its own garden
Luxury Starter Studio Blue (20x30) - Studio apartment with kitchenette, Murphy bed, 1 bath
Luxury Starter Studio Gold (20x30) - Studio apartment with kitchenette, Murphy bed, 1 bath
Terpsichore Studios (EA) (40x30) - 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment (Subway added)
The Glass Pillar (EA) (40x30) x 2 - 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment (Decor changed in one apartment)
Glenview Manor (EA) (40x40) - 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment
The Simerset (EA) (30x40) - Made into 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment
Strawberry Shortcake - A Base Game Starter (NO CC) by Iiernyce (10x10) - 1 bedroom, 1 bath house
Cool Breeze - A Modern Starter by ChloroformDreams (20x20) - 1 bedroom, 1 bath house
Sweet Condo Delux by Gfurst (30x30) - 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartment
River Ridge Townhomes Apts. by yadarya (30x20) - 1-2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment

Many thanks to simsample and other MTS members for the tutorials making a world a city and Sea, Sky, and Light parameters - let's learn!
simsample unlocking the Food Truck and Parking Space was very helpful.
Thank you, Winterhart, for these mods: Generations Cars Buyable & Available for Community Lots; Cars for Community Lots; and Ambitions Motorcycle Available on Community Lots.
I very much appreciate all those in Creator Feedback who reviewed and play tested Simmington for me - especially Klaartje, Tigerdyhr, and christmas fear!