fp7's UV suits for kids replace Maxis floaties.

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Uploaded: 8th Sep 2014 at 1:37 PM
Updated: 28th Sep 2014 at 2:36 PM - Clarify descriptions
Last fall, fakepeeps7 removed the flippers and floatie rings from the UV suits from Family Fun Stuff. When I finally decided to put in a default replacement, I thought of that, and found that it hadn't been defaulted. So, I eventually decided that it was a good target for my first attempt.

The colors are the same as the Maxis originals, blue, pink, grey/black, and green, and all colors are available to boys and girls. Each one should be linked to the appropriately-colored thumbnail in CAS and clothing racks, so they should be easy to select even without regenerating thumbnails.

There are two versions. The main version keeps the original Maxis categories of Everyday and Swimwear, while the "_swimonly" version sets the UV suits as Swimwear only. Only use one.

Since this replaces an outfit added in Family Fun Stuff, it will not work properly unless that SP is installed. If you don't have FFS, or want a non-default version, or just want extra recolors, you can go to fp7's original thread.

You can only have one default replacement for any given outfit, so if you want to use these, you must remove any default replacements for "cubodysnorkel".

September 21, 2014: Addition and minor fix
In response to sandya's request, I have added a _swimrings version that replaces the Everyday version of the suits, but keeps the Maxis original as Swimwear. While making it, I realized that the shoe sounds for the Maxis originals were set for "no feet" instead of "barefoot", so I also uploaded new versions of the full replacement and the Swimwear-only package that have the correct sound.

Polygon Counts:
UV suit = 1714 (same as fp7's original mesh)

Additional Credits:
All hair is Maxis.
fakepeeps7 for the original mesh and textures (available as non-default here.)
Mooglesims for making an easy-to-understand tutorial for basic defaulting.
BlueSoup, for providing links to that tutorial.