Romantic Lace Luxury Nightdress

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2014 at 12:11 PM
Sleepwear isn't just for sleeping in! Your sim is sure to turn their partners head in this silky number.

Long enough to be classy. Beautiful enough to be...whatever you want it to be.

Available in 5 satin-finished colours:


For ages: Young Adult, Adult, Elder.


This is created using the EAxis Maxi dress. I added a flag so it would show up in Sleepwear, the caveat is it shows up in both Everyday and Sleepwear, along with all the original colours for the original dress. (I have found out how to create a stand alone item but I have yet to put this through testing.)
Also, as with most things at the moment, some of the old bumpmapping is visible at certain angles, it's only really noticeable right up close, (not worth screenshotting), and only affects the straps. I will update once bumps are accessable.

Additional Credits:
Colour Magic