(UPDATE: 5-JAN-2016) User-Directed Scolding + Other Punishment Tweaks

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2014 at 8:33 PM
Updated: 5th Jan 2016 at 8:04 AM - Russian translation added

5-JAN-2016: Russian translation (by optimuspraim14) added.

  • Scold interaction now only appears on non-greeted inactive sims if the active sim is in a tense or angry mood, or if the sim has one of a few (tunable) traits.
  • Putting a guest on Time Out actually works now.

13-SEP-2014: Italian translation (by Sim mania) added.

Mod Description

This is a script mod tweaking parts of the punishment system from Generations. It will warn you with a pop-up whenever game tries to force a sim to scold a misbehaving child/teen so you can to stop them if you wish. (It even lets you turn off the whole forcing to scold feature altogether if you choose)

The mod also adds a custom Punishment... interaction menu on all child and teen sims that lets you choose the type of punishment to perform as and whenever you see fit instead of letting the game decide for you.

Details & Features

  • Pop-up warning you whenever the game tries to force a scolding onto a misbehaving sim, choosing No cancels the action, choosing Yes allows the scolding interaction to be performed, but makes it cancellable by the player if you change your mind (by default you couldn't). You'll have no control over the punishment doled out though (which is based on how much mischief the sim has gotten into lately)
  • The pop-ups can be disabled in the provided tuning file (see below), in which case the scolding interaction is automatically cancelled for you whenever the game tries to force a sim to perform it, so if you do want a sim to be punished you'll have to manually choose to do it yourself using...

  • A custom Punishment... interaction usable on children and teens with the following in-game existing punishment types to choose from:

    • Scold: Basic scolding
    • Time Out: Sends the sim to sulk in a corner for a while.
    • Ground: The sim cannot leave the house except to go to school/work for a day or two unless they sneak out (which would warrant extra punishment if caught)
    • Ban Objects...: Choose a type of object on the home lot to ban the sim from using (which usually the game would randomly choose for you). The list will show you specific objects on the home lot, but if you choose a computer for example the sim will be banned from using ALL computers on the lot. Note that you can still only ban one object type at a time.
  • Sims can only be punished/forgiven by a sim in an age group older than they are. So you can have teens scold/forgive a child, but not other teens.

  • Sims will use the more suitable "admonish" animation (the one pictured above) on children instead of the default yelling one, unless they have certain traits (tunable). The animation only works on children though, so teens will always receive a yelling when being scolded.
  • You can still punish a sim even if they've done nothing wrong (in the eyes of the game. I'm sure there are plenty of activites not covered by the default punishment system that may warrant a grounding depending on the player). Feel free to scold sims outside your active household if your feeling hostile enough, you just can't ground or ban them from using objects. (You can however put a greeted guest on your active lot in Time Out if you like)

  • And just for fun, added a custom Rebuild interaction to doll houses after a sim destroys it, which lets handy sims repair and restore the object (just don't expect much animation-wise...)


End Notes

Built and tested on patch 1.67

Requires Generations

This is a script mod which should not conflict with any other other mods (unless you have one editing the ScoldSmasher_Sim ITUN which is probably highly unlikely).

The mod is translatable, but you'll have to open the package with either S3PE, NRaas Packer or s3se to see the STBL strings to translate. There shouldn't be much there since I tried to use existing game text where possible (the line describing the act of misbehavior in the pop-up is always taken from the corresponding Got In Trouble moodlet for example, so excuse me for it not making perfect grammatical sense), but if you're willing to provide one feel free to contact me via the comments.

Additional Credits:
The Jones' for S3PE and s3se

To everyone who's helped me with modding and all those of you who still enjoy my TS3 mods