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Heliantheas super bland comic eyes (default replacements + non defaults)

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2014 at 2:15 PM
Updated: 15th Oct 2014 at 8:36 AM
Update 10/03/2014:
Did I hear somebody say „Please Helianthea, help us get rid of the ugly new eye colors that came with 10/01/14's patch! Make it super-duper bland, too“?
Thanks to Granthes giving us a new, updated version of Color Magic (and hey, keep in mind: that was wicked fast!) and Inge Jones updating the dll for s4pe (thanks to both of you, you're absolutely great!!!), I see no reason why I shouldn't.
So, what's new in the file section?

Default replacements
Yay! Replace those fugly EA colors. Pic of the new colors is attached in the picture section so you can get an overview of what awaits you. Comes in two flavors (choose either of these two rars. NEVER have both in your game at the same time!)
  • 10-01-14_new-def-repl_nogenetics.rar contains replacements for the five new eye colors that came with the patch – and ONLY those five (the 13 originals are in „Helianthea_SBCE-default-replacements.rar“)
  • 10-01-14_new-def-repl_withgenetics_fixed-agegender.rar contains the exact same replacements, BUT with genetics (yes, EA didn't bother to have their own eyes inherit properly). It also deals with a problem the new defaults had from the start: they didn't inherit at all for males.

Helianthea_SBCE-default-replacements.rar is still the same package it was when I first uploaded it. It doesn't need updating. It contains the original 13 eyecolors, so if you don't have those yet, you might wanna grab 'em along with the new ones (only if you like them, of course ) Keep in mind that for all defaults to be replaced, you need to have this package in your mod folder together with either 10-01-14_new-def-repl_nogenetics or 10-01-14_new-def-repl_withgenetics_fixed-agegender.

Non defaults
With the 10/01/14 patch, the order of color swatches have been changed, so the original non defaults I made are showing up in the craziest places. For all of you who don't like that (and have their game patched! If not, you won't need and probably also shouldn't download these), there's
  • sbce_allnondefs_10-01-14_withgenetics.rar (all my non defaults from earlier (the default replacements are NOT included!) are contained in the rar, each set has its own package). I've updated their CASP-instances and their SecondarySortIndex Value for them to appear in the order I wanted them to. I also changed the FlagValue in the EyeColor-Category so they inherit properly.
    If you read the below updates, you know I've had slight qualms about changing this FlagValue. Anyhow: I haven't received a single note on them botching up someones game so far, and my own works solid, too. So for the time being, I consider this procedure safe to use.
  • You're free to keep with the old nongenetics (Helianthea_SBCE-all-nondefs-no-genetics.rar) if you're feeling uneasy about having this content in your game. They're still here for you. Just keep in mind that those aren't sorted and I don't have any plans to update them in the foreseeable future (sorry, but all of this changing-stuff-in-s4pe becomes tedious after the 250th time and I'm not too eager to do it again if it's not absolutely and utterly necessary). They still work with this patch.
  • Only download the old genetic sets ( Helianthea_SBCE-blue.rar, Helianthea_SBCE-brown.rar, Helianthea_SBCE-gray.rar, Helianthea_SBCE-green.rar) if you don't have your game patched, yet want genetics. Otherwise, they're redundant.

And now ... have fun

Like Sims 4's cartoony vibe, but hate EAs default eyes? I know I do.
Having been a big fan of tamos ultra plain eyes for Sims 3, I set out to achieve something remotely comparable for Sims 4. Nice and clean looking eyes, but nothing on the hyperrealistic side. Something bland. Cartoony. And after at least ten revisions, here's what I finally settled with.

The default eye replacement set contains (no big surprise) a set of default replacements. I've tried to have them somewhat fit their respective swatches, so on their own, they're probably not all that grand. But there's more than 13 different potential eye colors, anyway, so I made 4 additional sets of non default colors:

The brown set: offers 6 additional shades of brown, which should be located right after the default brown swatches.
The green set: offers 4 additional shades of green, which should be located right after the default green swatches.
The blue set: offers 9 additional shades of blue, which should be located right after the default blue swatches.
The gray set: offers 2 additional shades of gray, which should be located right after the default gray swatch. (Yes, I realize it's stupid to call two a „set“)

In case you already own a couple of non defaults and they happen to share the same swatch as mine, you'll just get a copy of your pre-existing non defaults. Not much I can do against that afaik, just a warning in case you come across this issue.
I've tested all eyes in game, of course, and at least as far as I'm considered they've worked like a charm, apart from maybe the fact that they don't appear in the order I usually wanted them to (still within their confined set, only e.g. the second is on the third place and the third on the second and so on)

Odds and ends:
  • Big thanks to Rope from Sims on the Rope for his/her original default replacements: If you hadn't done all the hard work in the first place, thus allowing me to leech off of it, I wouldn't even have half a default replacement eye color in the game at this moment!
  • Also a big thank you to Sarah's Sims who mentioned where one could find the eye colors in ColorMagic (in case you guys don't know: they're located in the makeup section right under the eyebrows).
  • Ingame screen dude's hair is made by Lunar Eclipse and can be found here