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Pin me up! (part two) A set of retro shorts for the ladies

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2014 at 10:25 PM

A second installment of my 50's pinup girl series, high-waisted shorts in four color variations found under tweed shorts. These were fairly simple to make, I just took out the zipper and "sewn" on some brass buttons, which I made completely from scratch. I feel there is nothing more to say, so onto the screenshots!

I swear half the fun is naming these color swatches.

In game shots (I really have to figure out some lighting setup):

Hope you like it!

Created with ColorMagic, S4PE and Photoshop.
For more stuff visit either my MTS page or kedlu's fashion factory !

P.S.: Any blurriness in the pictures is caused by the fact that I play on a laptop. The textures themselves are clear and crisp.

Additional Credits:
My creations would have not been born without Color Magic, S4PE and Adobe Photoshop.