Teen Careers for All Ages

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2014 at 9:38 PM
Updated: 6th Feb 2016 at 4:14 AM
These are the EA teen careers -- Barista, Baby Sitter, Fast Food, Manual Labor, and Retail -- made available for all ages (Teen plus Young Adult, Adult, and Elder). I changed nothing else, only the availability for both the career itself and the Go-To-Work push.

This is a default override, XML tuning only. It is useful for people who want their adult sims to have the same shitty boring underpaid jobs as the teens -- not every sim can be a rocket scientist! (Also, there is simply no good reason that adults shouldn't be able to work behind a bar.)

The sims in my screenshots are Young Adults (black haired girl and bald guy), Adults (blonde woman and red-haired woman), and Elder (my cover model).

I shouldn't need to say this, but .. when you post to report issues, please include the following info:

  • Did you test without other CC installed?
  • Which game version do you have?
  • Which GPs/EPs do you have?
  • Which version of this mod do you have?

Also, please don't post here unless you have tested that it is actually this mod causing an issue for you. Random unrelated issues belong in Game Help. Thanks.


2015-02-06 – Updated for 1.15 (2016-02-04). This adds in the ability to steal stuff while at work.

Made with velocitygrass' TS4 XML Extractor, scumbumbo's XML Extractor, Notepad++ and s4pe.

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Shimrod101, velocitygrass and Zerbu for helping to figure out how to get this kind of thing to work in .package format!