What Lies Beneath - Sheer Shirt for Females

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2014 at 6:20 PM
For the 3rd installment in my What Lies Beneath series, I've taken the basic female shirt and added a little realism to it.

If you look at any women wearing a common shirt/blouse, the kind stereotypically worn by office staff etc, they are rarely fully opaque. There is always that bleed through of their brasier, the effect varies depending on the colour and material etc.

I've tried to encapsulate that with this item.

The effect varies again depending on the colour of the shirt and colour of the bra, some are quite subtle, some are more obvious...just like real life. There are some improvements on the original texture as well as shading/highlight changes, and the seams are fully opaque as they would be on the real thing.

4 Basic colours, with a choice of black or white bra, giving a total of 8 choices.

White - White Bra
White - Black Bra
Pale Gold - White Bra
Pale Gold - Black Bra
Lilac - White Bra
Lilac - Black Bra
Wine - White Bra
Wine - Black Bra

Available for YA through Elder, in the Everyday > Tops catagory.


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