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San Diego Craftsman

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Uploaded: 22nd Sep 2014 at 3:01 PM
Updated: 22nd Sep 2014 at 6:46 PM

This Craftsman style house is plucked from San Diego, California and sim-ized for your Sim's living pleasure.

The foyer opens onto a cozy living area with a snug fireplace adjacent to the dining area which opens onto the kitchen.

Down a short hall from the kitchen is the bathroom, kids room and the master bedroom.

The attic was converted into a livable loft area and will hold two kids beds and a small activity area. Don't want to toss the kids upstairs? Well, make it into a study or craft workroom. There is a small veranda off the attic that can hold a chess table and chairs. Due to the limitations of the Sims 4 game, you need to play walls down in the attic. I didn't decorate the attic and kids room very much, I'll leave that to the new owners.

There is a very restful side yard with nice shade trees, a fountain, planters, flowers and monkey bars for the kids to climb.

This lot was Sim tested.

lot size = 20 x 30
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
finished attic space

Furnished = $82,840

Lot Size: 20x30
Lot Price: $82,840