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Cleos's 'Simple Dresses' Set Converted for Teens

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2014 at 4:41 PM
Today I bring you lovelies a set of twelve dresses- Cleos's (http://modthesims.info/m/2911587) set of 'Simple Dresses', converted to teens. She gave them Sentate's heel mesh, which seemed too adultish for the teens I play (they're all goody-goodies who take care of toddler siblings, no high heels for them!) so I switched them out for a pair of ankle-strap flats from Cleos's 'first date' dresses set. I was going to make them brown but left them black because brown didn't look classy enough on most of them (though nice, they did not look as good as the black flats).
Cleos has a lovely policy that allows using her textures, editing her meshes, and whatnot, which is great. All the textures belong to Cleos (the mesh technically belongs to her as well, as I literally just resized it)

On to the dresses!
They come in the same styles and colors as Cleos gave them- halters, strapless, and 3/4 sleeved.

Here are the halters (almost too cocktaily to end up in everyday), which come in red, blue, purple, and grey:

The strapless dresses come in red, blue, pink, and cream.

Then, by far my favorite, the 3/4 sleeved dresses are in red, blue, green, and cream (I love the blue and green especially!).

All these dresses are for Teen Females in the Everyday and Formal categories.

The mesh file is outside of the three subfolders, and is labeled.

It has a fat morph (with more hips than waist, so it's imperfect, but anything else I tried made it look really weird), pictured by Celeste in the purple halter and the curly strawberry blonde hair, and there is no pregnant morph, because I rarely play pregnant teens, and when I do (not to be weird or anything) they sure as heck are wearing something more cozy! (Not to say that these dresses won't make your Sims warm and cozy, but they won't do the best job)

Have a lovely day, and happy simming

Polygon Counts:
2026, about the same as an EAxis dress.

Additional Credits:
Cleos, for almost everything included in these packages.
twisted FATE for a lovely age conversion tutorial.
Paint.NET, GIMP, Milkshape, and SimPE for making it so easy to create these dresses.
Skins by Lilith and Maxis.
Hairs by Cazy, callum91, melodie9, and maxis.
Makeup by Me, HystericalParoxysm, Allisae, and Voleste.
Eyes by Lilith and Maxis.